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Astrophysics and the European Space Agency

Frank Salzgeber, Head of Innovation and Ventures Office at ESA, explains how technology is allowing us to see further. As Head of Innovation and Ventures...
Particle physics

€7m grant to explain particle physics

Researchers at The University of Manchester, UK, have been given a £6m (~€7m) grant to further their particle physics research. The funding is from the...
Jackson Pollock

The physics behind Jackson Pollock’s paintings

A team of researchers from Brown University, USA, have studied the physics of Jackson Pollock’s painting technique, showing that the artist had an understanding...
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Furthering fundamental physics by studying plasma

Professor Tiberiu Minea outlines plasma as the reaction of matter receiving high energy and describes studies taking place at the Laboratory of Physics of...
An image to illustrate making music with quantum physics through atomic sensing

Making music with quantum physics: atomic sensing and recording

A team at the National Institute for Standards and Technology, Boulder, Colorado has combined music and quantum physics by using atomic sensing to record...
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The European Science Cloud initiative: achieving open science in astrophysics and particle physics

The European Union has launched the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) initiative to support the data driven research in pursuing excellent science. Together, astrophysics and...
An image to illustrate EU marine knowledge

EMODnet Physics: bringing together marine physics data for EU marine knowledge

The marine-data initiative EMODnet, implements the EU’s Marine Knowledge 2020 strategy by bringing together marine data from different sources. When it comes to marine research,...
An image to illustrate microscopy and imaging physics

Seeing at the molecular resolution with visible light: microscopy and imaging physics

Professor Bernd Rieger, from Delft University of Technology’s Department of Imaging Physics, explains why computational microscopy may come to have a dramatic impact on...
An image to illustrate X-ray spectroscopy at the Institute of Solid State Physics

Solid state physics: solving the structure of materials with X-ray absorption spectroscopy

The Institute of Solid State Physics is using X-ray absorption spectroscopy for materials science. Dr Alexei Kuzmin, Head of the Laboratory of Materials and Structure Investigations, discusses...

High-energy astrophysics missions: The X-ray spectroscopy era

SciTech Europa takes a look at future X-ray spectroscopy missions, deigned to provide us with a better understanding of the Universe. High-energy astrophysics studies X-ray...

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