AcrossBorders: An Egyptian microcosm in Sudan

The main fields of research of the ERC AcrossBorders project are the settlement patterns in Egypt and Nubia in the 2nd millennium BC. Situated across ancient and modern borders and of diverse environmental and cultural preconditions, but with a long history of changing interactions and influences, the study of variations in the local urban patterns is important.

The AcrossBorders multi-layered archaeological research with the application of interdisciplinary methods have provided new information for reconstructing ancient lives, and can be regarded as a showcase study for settlement archaeology in Northeast Africa. New insights into the multifaceted daily life in Ancient Egypt were gained by work at Sai Island, Sudan.

Across three articles this booklet discusses:

  • The AcrossBorders project: Tracing daily life in Egypt and Nubia – this project investigates aspects of daily life based on the detailed analysis of material remains at three major settlement sites, Abydos and Elephantine in Egypt; Sai Island in Sudan, where he team has conducted excavations;
  • Exploring Sai, and Egyptian town in northern Sudan – here they discuss how prior to the AcrossBorders project, Sai Island, one of the best examples for domestic life and New Kingdom Egypt, Upper Nubia, has only partially been explored; and
  • Egyptian in Death on Sai Island – AcrossBorders discusses how archaeological evidence from the town of Sai regarding everyday life in New Kingdom Upper Nubi can be complemented with data from several cemeteries of the New Kingdom period which are located close by.

These articles expand on the AcrossBorders projects, covering why Sai Island is the prime example for settlement policy of New Kingdom Egypt in Upper Nubia. AccrossBorders’ straddling of boundaries between multiple groups and cultures illustrates that much can be learned about integration and complex forms of appropriation from the study of the human past, particularly the cultural enlargement of Egyptians and Nubians.

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