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Aiming for improved survival rates

Germany-based Adrenomed AG is an asset-centric, privately financed biopharmaceutical company with the clear mission to improve survival of critically ill patients by restoring vascular integrity.

Loss of vascular integrity due to endothelial dysfunction and edema formation is a unifying pathophysiology of a variety of severe medical conditions with high mortality rates and economic burdens, such as septic shock or acute decompensated heart failure. Adrenomed’s team combines an outstanding experience in the discovery and development of biomarkers to industry standards with experience and expertise in the development and commercialisation of pharmaceutical products. For example, the founders of Adrenomed previously changed the standard of care of sepsis by developing Procalcitonin, the diagnostic gold standard sepsis biomarker.

The business is effectively protected by granted patents in the US and EU and supported by an established global network of key opinion leaders in acute care, especially sepsis and cardiovascular diseases.

Adrecizumab, a clinical stage, first-in-class humanised antibody, is the company’s lead product

The antibody, designed to target Adrenomedullin, effectively improves vascular endothelial dysfunction in preclinical models, mimicking human standard of care treatment in intensive care units.

Favourable safety and tolerability has already been shown in Phase I studies and is now also addressed in an ongoing Phase II trial. In this trial, Adrenomed AG uses a biomarker-guided therapy approach, thereby transferring the concept of more personalised medicine using companion diagnostics to acute care.

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The evaluation and exploration of vascular endothelial dysfunction as common concepts in various medical conditions, such as inflammatory disorders and cardiac diseases, are among the major research interests of Adrenomed.

In this context, the development of innovative preclinical models of diseases related to endothelial dysfunction is of importance, leading to the discovery of novel molecular pathways or biomarkers.

Research on Adrenomedullins’ role as a key regulator of vascular endothelial integrity, and how the interplay of Adrenomedullin, endothelial cells, and other cell types will be affected by the company’s drug candidate, are questions driving Adrenomed’s research.


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