Guidelines for AI ethics: DIGITALEUROPE’s agile process and real-life policy sandboxing vision

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DIGITALEUROPE has released its vision for agile process and real-life policy sandboxing, for guidelines on AI ethics.

Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl, the Director General of DIGITALEUROPE and co-rapporteur for the assessment list has released the below statement on the European Commission High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence’s Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI, addressing AI ethics:

“The result of the HLEG is a breakthrough in the sense that it is the outcome of a very diverse multi-stakeholder group with members from all types of backgrounds. I am a strong believer of this diversity and of a piloting approach to policy making.

Further, the group took a decision to reach out, listen and learn so that the next step is to drive an agile policy sandboxing exercise enabling public institutions, private companies, SMEs and citizens to try the Trustworthy AI Assessment list and governance structure in real life.

This means that the HLEG will receive detailed practical feedback before finalising the document. Only through an agile process and real-life sandboxing of the proposal can we learn and avoid unforeseen consequences of policy making.

Looking at how to apply AI in particular, there are extensive benefits to be realised in society. We need to get it right in order to drive European innovation and welfare and to avoid the risks of misuse of AI. We outline the common European values and principles that AI should respect.

In the Guidelines, we’ve worked hard to find consensus and reflect the key European principles and values that AI technology and usage should respect. As co-rapporteur on this section, it’s clear that companies and governments using AI need concrete and pragmatic guidance.

Cross-country cooperation will be essential to realise these benefits: the majority of investment in AI is still happening outside Europe, and our societies need to have modern thinking on how to tackle challenges around education, healthcare, environment and the labour market.

At DIGITALEUROPE, we will continue the discussion with our member company experts and national trade associations, to build knowledge and turn these Trustworthy AI Guidelines into a success story.”

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