The future of AI in Europe: avoiding brain drain

The future of AI in Europe: avoiding brain drain

The Joint Research Centre (JR) has published a report on the future of Artificial intelligence, highlighting the importance of avoiding brain brain and applying innovations in Europe.

The new report takes stock of the development of AI in Europe and lays out some of policymaking options for competing with its main rivals in the US and China.

The JRC report, titled “Artificial Intelligence: A European perspective“, expresses the message that if Europe does not take action, the impact of Artificial Intelligence on our daily lives, jobs, and cognitive processes will be decided elsewhere in the world.

One example from the report is how Europe could embrace the notion of “AI for society”, in between “AI for profit” and “AI for control.” The JRC suggest that AI in Europe make fair systems which are secure and ethical by design.

Avoiding brain drain

According to the report, Europe can avoid brain drain by building on its strengths in research, robotics, automotive and data protection. Commenting on the report, the European Commission website says: “If we nurture innovation in AI, we can attract top talent and support local initiatives. Otherwise a brain drain from Europe will hamper our economic prospects.”

Will Europe become a “data colony”?

Another question asked in the report is about the use of European data in AI. It suggests that if we assert European values in how our data is used then the data can fuel Europe’s economic growth. Otherwise, Europe is at risk of becoming a “data colony”.

Unfortunately the majority of data provided by citizens, governments, and businesses in Europe ends up outside of the continent.

More on AI in Europe

SciTech Europa was at the ICT 2018 this week and attended the session on Artificial Intelligence – the European way. Participants engaged in a debate about the opportunities for and challenges of Artificial Intelligence. The full coverage of this and an interview with Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl of Digital Europe will feature in our upcoming publication.

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