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IJCLab, the newly created laboratory in the Paris-Saclay University Campus by Achille Stocchi

Achille Stocchi is the Director of the IJCLab (Irene Joliot-Curie Laboratory), the new laboratory in the Paris-Saclay University Campus.

The IJCLsb laboratory has been created from the merger of five existing laboratories (CSNSM, IPNO, IMNC, LAL, LPT) and consists of approximately 750 people.

The activities of this laboratory include all the domain of the physics of the two infinities (nuclei, particles, astroparticle and cosmology), with accelerator, health and energy departments. The laboratory relies on technical services with skills in mechanics, informatics, electronic and detector construction.

Dr. Stocchi holds several leadership, advisory and editorial positions across the physics sector, from leading the IJCLab, to the role of research project rapporteur for the Italian Ministry of Education and Research.


Dr. Stocchi was born in Venice in Italy on April 21st, 1963. After a university education in Italy (Milano) he did a doctorate in France (Orsay) by integrating CNRS in 1993. He has been a professor at Paris-Sud University since 2003. Dr. Stocchi’s teaching activities have included several Master’s and Doctoral positions. He is the co-creator of a new Master’s programme in 2005, teaching NPAC (Nuclei, Particle, Astroparticle and Cosmology). He has taught in several schools and universities overseas, including TESHEP in Ukraine 2007 and WISHEPP in Palestine in 2017 with An-Najah University.

Particle physics research

Dr. Stocchi has been a researcher in particle physics at IJCLab (Linear Accelerator Laboratory) on the Orsay Campus; and has worked on several high-energy experiments at CERN (Switzerland) at SLAC (USA) and LNF-Frascati (Italy), leading working groups and having managerial positions in the experiments. He signed the papers of the collaboration DELPHI, BaBar, SuperB, UA9 and LHCb experiments (over 1000) and approximately fifty research papers or individual or on small group on detectors, data analysis and phenomenology.

He has led seven doctoral theses and several post-doctoral students and participates in about 25 PHD thesis or HDR jury per year. The results of his work have been presented at over 50 seminars.

Advisory positions

Dr. Stocchi leads several advisory steering committees for international projects and participates in laboratory scientific councils and the development of the European strategy as a member of the ESG (European Strategy Group) for high energy physics, alongside his position as a  research project rapporteur for the Italian Ministry of Education and Research.

Leadership roles

Dr. Stocchi is the editor of the journal JHEP (approximately sixty papers per year) and has been the director of LAL (approximately 300 persons) from February 2011 to October 2018. In September 2016, Dr. Stocchi became the project leader for the merger of five laboratories to create a laboratory of 750 people in Orsay which includes nuclear physics, particles, astrophysics, cosmology, medical physics, theory, detector development and accelerator physics. Dr. Stocchi is the director of this new laboratory, IJCLab which was created in January 2020.

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NPAC (Nuclei, Particle, Astroparticle and Cosmology).

  • Particle physics;
  • High energy physics;
  • Cosmology; and
  • Astrophysics.

2 page article in SciTech Europa 29

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