C40 Cities pledges that all of its new developments will be carbon neutral buildings by 2030

C40 Cities pledges that all of their new developments will be carbon neutral buildings by 2030

C40 Cities, the international climate action leadership group, has committed to introducing planning regulations for all carbon neutral buildings for its new builds by 2030 and supporting all of its cities to achieve this goal.

What is C40 Cities?

C40 Cities is an international group aiming to facilitate co-operation between city officials in over 90 cities across the world. It was originally created by cities ten years ago and today it represents over 550 million people and one quarter of the global economy.

The organisation’s main focus is on adapting the way cities act to reduce climate risks. They held a summit earlier this year to inspire global climate action in support of the Paris Agreement.

What is its commitment?

C40 Cities has published a declaration to express its commitment to create no new carbon buildings by 2030. It aims to meet this commitment by:

  • Establishing a roadmap to achieve carbon neutral buildings.
  • Developing incentives and programmes to support this
  • Providing annual reports on the progress of meeting targets
  • Evaluating whether it is feasible to report on other emissions beyond operational carbon

Alongside this, C40 Cities has committed to the target that all of the buildings within their member cities, not only new builds, will be carbon neutral by 2050.

Who is involved?

The international cities which are already involved in this commitment are: Copenhagen, London, Los Angeles, Montreal, New York, Newburyport, Paris, Portland, San Francisco, Stockholm, Sydney, Tokyo, Tshwane and Vancouver. C40 Cities also provides a climate action planning programme as a resource for its cities to develop ambitious climate action plans.

C40 Cities has stated that it will act where possible using the authority and power that it holds, but it would welcome collaborative commitment to carbon neutrality from governments and private sector companies who also have a role to play in the sustainability of new buildings.

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