The latest electric vehicles analysis: which car manufacturers are in great danger?

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According to IDTechEx, the future of electric vehicles is coming early. The new report analyses which car manufacturers are in great danger, and which may win.

The IDTechEx report “Electric Vehicles 2020-2030” has analysed 100 sectors, and IDTechEx has been studying and forecasting EVs for over 20 years. The team includes 15 PhD level analysts deployed globally. Which car manufacturers have they identified as most at risk?

The innovation market for car manufacturers

IDTechEx said: “Cars are about half the EV market. Electric bus/ truck will overtake. Opportunities and dangers are extreme. Some are slicing through the car market like a cheese knife and it is party time for innovative start-ups.”

“Colour changing cars, ones with energy storage bodywork, light-emitting glass that darkens at a touch? All have been demonstrated. Supercapacitor buses charging in 10 seconds? Already in 7 countries. Some EVs will have 1% of the parts of conventional equivalents due to four basic innovations. Hybrids will be wiped out by pure electric: learn when and why. IDTechEx even has drill down reports giving much more about most of the individual topics.”

More electric vehicles analysis

According to the IDTechEx, the report identifies the following:”Who is winning in the EV marketplace and why are others finding it so hard to catch up? What features closely correlate with commercial success? See good and bad EV strategies of 21 manufacturers against 13 proven drivers of business success. Scope for mergers is presented between 29 players against their nine EV product categories. Understand ten key enabling technologies for future EVs and how they will evolve over the years. Grasp how each will serve listed primary needs such as elimination of poisons over coming years. 2020-2030 forecasts give number, unit value and market value for all the main categories divided into their many sub-sectors. The full 100 category spreadsheets can be purchased separately, the report giving the most important ones.”

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