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Low-carbon global economies

Sustainable Decisions Limited is a think tank engaged in accelerating the transition to low-carbon global economies through societal capability building and sustainable infrastructure development. They...

Understanding elements of muscle plasticity

The Laboratory for Muscle Plasticity at Balgrist University Hospital, Switzerland, investigates the molecular and cellular mechanisms of clinical muscle plasticity. In this booklet about muscle...

Ethical animal testing and drug development at CABMM

The Competence Center for Applied Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine (CABMM) is an innovative, cutting-edge medical research organisation at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, which brings...

Novel materials and new functions in inorganic chemistry

Professor Mathias Wickleder’s research group at Justus Liebig University, Gießen, Germany, is part of the institution’s Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry department and investigates novel...

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