Thursday, November 14, 2019
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Plane engine

Making aircraft combustion chambers sustainable

A Norwegian researcher has conducted a ground-breaking study on aircraft combustion chambers, possibly resulting in a more environmentally sustainable way of powering planes. Researcher Nicholas...

New research shows the flexibility of graphene

New research, conducted by engineers at the University of Illinois, results show that the more graphene is bent, the softer it becomes. The study combines...
habitable planet

Scientists find the key to discovering habitable planets

A new study conducted by Northwestern University, USA, is the first to include 3D chemistry to understand how a star’s radiation heats or cools...
Li-ion battery

99% metal purity achieved from recycled batteries

A battery recycling company has successfully recovered 99.98% purity nickel-cobalt hydroxide from the NCA cathode scrap metal from lithium-ion batteries. American Manganese Inc has announced...
Cancer treatment

New and novel treatment for lung cancer and Leukaemia

New clinical stage biopharmaceutical company has successfully developed a novel selective AXL kinase inhibitor to treat multiple cancers, such as lung cancer and Leukaemia. BerGenBio...
Zoo animal behaviour

The key to animal welfare is in their behaviour

New research suggests that studying the body language of zoo animals could be the key to understanding and improving their welfare. Animal behavioural research in...
African conservation

Addressing conservation and resource management

African People & Wildlife have partnered with the National Geographic Society to publish a groundbreaking publication addressing conservation and resource management. The support and active...
Polar ice

World Ocean Review suggests the end of polar ice

The new 'World Ocean Review 6', published by mare, focuses on the dramatic climate-induced changes in the Arctic and Antarctic and their far-reaching consequences...
UK x Japan

UK-Japan partnership wins an award for solar solutions

A Japanese company teamed up with British innovator has been awarded the Best UK-Japan Partnership for 2019 at the British Business Awards this year. The...
Africa forest

€6.8m investment for the African Forestry Fund

FinDev Canada announced an investment of $7.5m (~€6.8m) in the Africa Forestry Fund II (AFF II), a growth equity fund focused on acquiring and developing environmentally-friendly...

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