Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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An image of the first components being installed to the world's brightest X-ray source

Installing the first components of the world’s brightest X-ray source

The first components of the world's brightest X-ray source, the ESRF's new Extremely Brilliant Source (EBS), have been installed. The EBS is the world's brightest...
A concept image of nitric oxide

Microbes can grow on nitric oxide: What this means for the environment

A new study by the scientist Boran Kartal and colleagues has given a new insight into the microbial transformations of nitric oxide. According to the...
An image of a coffee mug to illustrate the finding that compounds in coffee could inhibit prostate cancer

The coffee compounds which may inhibit prostate cancer growth

Scientists have, for the first time, identified coffee compounds which may inhibit the growth of prostate cancer in a pilot study on drug-resistant cancer...
Ito-mozuku, the 'superfood seaweed'

Ito-mozuku: The genome behind the ‘superfood’ seaweed

Researchers at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) have sequenced the genome of the brown seaweed ito-mozuku to provide data to local...
An image to illustrate new quantum technologies

The new quantum revolution: Diamond as a platform

Diamond has many facets: it is not only a fascinating gem, but also a useful tool for physicists that might well change our lives...
An image of a business woman who has fallen asleep at work, to illustrate the autoimmune disease narcolepsy

Narcolepsy: The new proof it is an autoimmune disease?

University of Copenhagen researchers have discovered autoreactive cells in people who are suffering from narcolepsy, which is an important proof that narcolepsy is an...
An image to illustrate fingermarking

How fingermark imaging can be used for drug detection

Fingermark imaging can be used for drug detection for the drugs ketamine and amphetamine, according to researchers at the University of Zhejiang, China. The researchers have...
A concept image to demonstrate a potential example of ultrafast phenomena which could perhaps be captured virtual time lapse photos

Capturing ultrafast phenomena with virtual time lapse photos

The ability to capture images of ultrafast phenomena could help scientists to understand them better. A new development in virtual time lapse imaging could...
An image of fingerprint analysis to illustrate forensic science

Forensic science: Paving the technological way for future discoveries

SciTech Europa explores developments in forensic science and how they are paving the way for future discoveries. Forensic science has existed since the 16th century....
A concept image of the effects of air pollution

Air pollution deaths: A new estimate of 8.8 million early deaths per year

A new study suggests that the number of early air pollution deaths per year is double that of previous estimates. It has been published in the European...

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