Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Waste disposal: tips for a greener lab

Waste disposal: tips for a greener lab

When it comes to waste disposal, how can laboratory operators implement sustainable practices in order to become greener? The future of laboratory design must consider...
neutron stars

Researchers detect second neutron star collision

The LIGO Livingston Observatory has detected the second ever set of gravitational ripples from the collision of two neutron stars. LIGO Livingston is part of...
circular economy

Promoting a circular economy with sustainable packaging

A plastic packaging company have issued a statement highlighting that they are promoting the circular economy with its new sustainable packaging solutions. Valgroup have drawn...

Overweight people have more aluminium in their bodies

Researchers at Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN) have discovered that the levels of aluminium found in the hair and urine of obese people...

L’OCCITANE pledge €400,000 to protect biodiversity

L’OCCITANE have announced the €400,000 investment in the protection of the earth’s natural ecosystems, €200,000 of which is dedicated to replanting the scorched trees...
gene expressions

Introducing new resource for gene expressions and QTLs

Thanks to the eQTL Catalogue, released by EMBL-EBI, scientists can find correlations between single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and gene expression. Researchers can now find correlations...
Thailand bioplastics

Could Thailand be the hub for bioplastic production?

The Thailand Board of Investment have suggested that Thailand could become the new hub bioplastics due to their access of raw materials. Thailand is attracting...
pancreatic cancer

Scientist find a new method to target pancreatic cancer

Scientists have identified a new method of killing pancreatic cancer cells, by severing connections to the energy generator that fuels calcium pumps on the...
Rechargeable batteries

Scientists swap out lithium in rechargeable batteries

Researchers say substituting lithium in rechargeable batteries with a more abundant material like potassium could help us develop a more sustainable energy source. Fears about...
Edible insects

Market for edible insects set to exceed €7.1bn

Research by Barclays suggests that the edible insect market is set to exceed €7.1bn by 2030, but is the western world ready to accept...

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