Saturday, July 11, 2020

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Bulb, smash

Science and innovation: Protecting intellectual property

Edinburgh is set to host a special seminar which will aim to help Scottish FinTech businesses gain a vital edge in the ever-growing sector. The...

CybHER security: Cyber Security Women of the Year

Meet the woman at the forefront of cyber security in the UK – Lisa Ventura, Cyber Security Women of the Year Awards 2019 supporter...

Blockchain in the healthcare market to hit €1.4bn by 2025

SciTech welcomes Sumant Ugalmugale, a lead researcher at Global Market Insights, to discuss the rise of blockchain in healthcare and why it's set to grow by...
Bio-metric facial recognition

4 tools of bio-metric technologies that can be extremely useful In 2019

Guest writer, writer and content strategist, Nicole D Garrison, is exploring the benefits of bio-metric technologies and their practical application in various sectors. The use...
Artificial whiskey tester

Artificial tongue to squash the counterfeit whisky market

Researchers from the University of Glasgow have developed a method of testing the if a whiskey is counterfeit. Scientists have developed an artificial tongue...
wildflower identification

Augmented reality used in new plant identification app

Candide Label allows user to identify plants just by pointing their phone camera at them. The app also allow the user to access a...
UK and Mexico develop ground breaking telescope

The origin of Mexico’s super-telescope

The Collaborative Heterodyne Astronomical Receiver for Mexico (CHARM), is the largest investment in scientific infrastructure that Mexico has ever made. As a telescopic instrument,...

HETT: Experience revolutionary digital healthcare

Healthcare Excellence Through Technology (HETT) is the leading event for the healthcare industry, bringing together 3,000+ health tech and digital health leaders to solve the...
machine learning in meteorology

Machine learning in meteorology could predict blackouts caused by storms

Researchers in Finland have deployed machine learning in meteorology to predict the potential levels of damage a storm can cause. The study, a collaborative effort...
commercialising quantum technologies

Commercialising Quantum Technologies Challenge to open in August

The UK’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund has made £33m (€36.54m) available for businesses commercialising quantum technologies. The funding will be distributed as grants for winners...

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