Thursday, July 18, 2019

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An image to illustrate phone snooping

The vulnerability and anxiety of checking your partner’s phone: the psychology behind phone snooping

What are the motivations behind checking your partner's phone? Or even a friend or colleague's. A new study examines the psychology behind phone snooping,...
An image to illustrate digital transformation in rural areas, or peripheral and emerging regions

ERUDITE & smart villages: co-creating the digital transformation of rural Europe

Clive Peckham and Emilija Stojmenova Duh explain how the ERUDITE project is working to ensure that the networks necessary for the digital transformation of...
An image to illustrate smart villages and rural development.

Smart Villages: A new concept for rural development

The ENRD’s Policy Analyst, Enrique Nieto, provides a definition of ‘Smart Villages’ and explains the need for a supportive framework in the 2021-2027 period. Rural...
An image to illustrate the concepts of the memory of robots and hyperdimensional computing theory

How a hyperdimensional computing theory could improve the ‘memory’ of robots

A new hyperdimensional computing theory could improve the way robots 'remember' information, potentially changing the way artificial intelligence works. The hyperdimensional computing theory will help to integrate...
An image to illustrate the concept of robotic pets which may help older care home residents

Robotic pets: how ‘robopets’ can benefit the health of older care home residents

A new study has assessed how robotic pets could improve the health and wellbeing of older care home residents. The researchers found evidence that robotic...
An image to illustrate a method for merging cell datasets inspired by panoramic photography

A new algorithm based on panoramic photography merges cell datasets

MIT researchers have developed a new algorithm based on panoramic photography to merge diverse cell datasets into a single source. While traditional methods tend to...
An image from EIT Digital to illustrate World Asthma Day 2019 and the new digital prescription service which improves asthma therapy adherence.

World Asthma Day 2019: EIT Digital’s new digital prescription service improves asthma therapy adherence

Today is World Asthma Day 2019. EIT Digital has launched its new digital prescription service to improve adherence to asthma therapy. Amiko, Reply and the...
Artificial intelligence concept image

What is artificial intelligence? AI definitions, applications, and the ethical questions

AI is a hot topic in technology and industry. But what exactly is artificial intelligence, how is it used, and what are the ethical...
A concept image of a face to illustrate facial recognition technology

Facial recognition technology: even half a face could be recognised with 100 percent recognition

Researchers at the University of Bradford have found that facial recognition technology can achieve 100 percent recognition even with just half a face visible. The...
An image to illustrate cloud storage

Beyond cloud storage: a new method for data storage in molecules without using energy

A new method for data storage in molecules within using energy could enable alternatives to cloud storage or DNA-based data storage. The DNA-based data storage...

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