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SciTech Europa brings you the latest Digital Innovation News from across the field of European Science & Technology Research, Development and Innovation.

An image from the Masters of Digital conference, where the global digital economy was discussed

Masters of Digital 2019: How can Europe lead the global digital economy?

Today, DIGITALEUROPE launched its Call to Action for A STRONGER DIGITAL EUROPE towards 2025 at the Masters of Digital 2019 flagship conference. Leadership in the global...
An image from Masters of Digital 2019 where the declaration on digital manufacturing was announced.

Leading digital manufacturing: DIGITALEUROPE’s declaration

Today at the Masters of Digital 2019 conference in Brussels, over a dozen senior executives from the membership of DIGITALEUROPE have set a clear...
An image of a unicorn to illustrate the DIGITALEUROPE Unicorn Award.

Future digital champions: The DIGITALEUROPE Unicorn Award 2019

Today SciTech Europa saw the announcement of the three winners of DIGITALEUROPE's Unicorn Award 2019 at the Masters of Digital conference. Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl, Director-General of...
An image of robots in suits to demonstrate the concept of Artificial Intelligence and European jobs.

How will Artificial Intelligence affect European jobs?

SciTech Europa carries some of the comments from the ‘Artificial Intelligence: what are the impacts on our society?’ panel discussion at the Science Meets Parliaments...
An image of a person working at home, to demonstrate the new citizen science project from Diamond Light Source

The new citizen science project from Diamond Light Source

The UK’s national synchrotron science facility, Diamond Light Source, has announced a new citizen science project. Diamond Light Source invite people to "spare 10 minutes to...
An image from the Strategic Innovation Agenda meeting

EIT Digital: the Strategic Innovation Agenda for a strong digital Europe

EIT Digital has outlined its new plans, the Strategic Innovation Agenda, for a strong Europe in the digital world, and is helping European companies to lead...
An image to illustrate IP for space applications.

The final frontier: Will IP apply in space?

Stephen Blake, Partner, and Isobel Ferguson, Trainee Patent Attorney, at Marks & Clerk, discuss some of the challenges posed with regard to IP when it...
The Eiffel Tower

The SciTech Europa editorial board meeting in Paris

SciTech Europa held its editorial board meeting in Paris, France to discuss the publication with our editorial board members. Find out the science and...
Fake news concept image

The European Commission intensifies its battle against disinformation

The European Commission has called on the signatories of the Code of Practice to intensify their efforts against disinformation online, in the run-up to...
DG CONNECT’s Khalil Rouhana speaking at ICT 2018

Artificial intelligence – the European approach to AI

At ICT 2018 in Vienna, SciTech Europa listened to DG CONNECT’s Khalil Rouhana discuss the ‘European approach’ to AI. Khalil Rouhana, Deputy Director-General of the...

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