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An image to illustrate animal gene banks and the effort to conserve livestock genetic diversity

Burning issues for animal gene banks: news from IMAGE H2020 project

A stakeholders survey has revealed positive attitude towards an increased use of bio banks to conserve genetic diversity in the livestock sector. Conservation of animal genetic...
An image to illustrate climate change, the climate agreement negotiations, and IPCC science

The latest climate agreement negotiations: will the latest IPCC science be ignored?

The latest climate agreement negotiations are occurring today in Bonn, Germany. The Global Climate and Health Alliance (GCHA) are worried that the latest IPCC...
An image to illustrate monarch butterflies

Planting milkweed in cities could save monarch butterflies

A new study from Field Museum observed that milkweed plants in cities could save monarch butterflies. The population of monarch butterflies has declined by over...
An image to illustrate an innovative solution for wheelie bins

How an innovative solution for wheelie bins could help to save the planet

BinStrap’s Gaelan Goodfellow explains why the company’s cost-effective solution for wheelie bins can help to prevent waste entering both the marine and land environments. You...
An image to illustrate local energy markets

E-REGIO: digital advances for local energy markets

The E-REGIO project, funded by the ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus initiative, analyses, tests, and validates a new way to implement local energy markets around...
An image to illustrate coral bleaching

Coral bleaching: how rising sea temperature causes permanent changes in fish biodiversity

A new study showed that coral bleaching caused by rising sea temperature has caused lasting changes to fish biodiversity in the Seychelles. The study from...
An image to illustrate the risk of primate extinction due to primate habitat loss

Primate extinction: how the consumer demand for commodities is causing primate habitat loss

The growing global market for commodities is threatening the world's primates, according to a new study on primate extinction and primate habitat loss. 160 million hectares of forest were...
An image to illustrate the concept of bridging the gaps between the natural and social sciences so as to better observe the impacts of climate change

Observing climate change: bridging the gaps between the natural and social sciences

Dr Chantal Claud outlines how the Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines Observatory is bridging the gaps between the natural and social sciences so as to better observe...
An image to illustrate pure electric aircraft and gravitational potential energy

Pure electric aircraft: will Tesla aircraft overcome gravitational potential energy?

Dr Peter Harrop, a leading industry expert and Chairman at IDTechEx has released the latest report on Tesla aircraft. "Expect seven-times the air traffic in...
An image to illustrate lemurs, and why some are more sensitive to

Why some lemurs cope better with forest loss: their gut microbes

Gut microbes may give an insight into why some lemurs cope better with forest loss than others, according to scientists at Duke University. Different species...

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