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The moon influences the nightjar’s feeding and migration

GPS tracking data reveals that the foraging activity of the European nightjar more than doubles during moon-lit nights, the birds also migrates 10 days...

Wimao: The future of recycling plastic waste

How one Finnish company is setting a new standard with breakthrough patented technology. The global waste problem is reaching an all-time high; every day, new...
Japanese beetle

Quarantined pests for plant health

The European Commission has published a list of priority pests that must be quarantined in order to protect European wildlife and vegetation. The Commission has...
Greenland Coast-line with Iceberg

DEEP PURPLE: Examining the darkening of ice sheets

The European Research Council will examine over the next six years (2020-2026) the role of glacier algae in progressively darkening the Greenland Ice. The ERC...
Top soil

Topsoil contamination with lead in New Orleans

Tracking lead levels in soil over time is critical for cities to determine lead contamination risks for their youngest and most vulnerable residents. According to...

Dangerous algal blooms on the rise

Reports of harmful algal blooms, like the ones that shut down Toledo's water supply in 2014 or led to states of emergency being declared...
Ghana farming

Advancing sustainable agriculture in Ghana

Fertilizer Canada and Tractors for Africa signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), intended to advance sustainable agriculture in Ghana as part of the 4R Solution Project. The project...

Safe storage for nuclear energy waste

Society's demand for sustainable energy sources continues to grow, nuclear energy is seen as a viable and productive option for powering the nation. Concerns over...
Natural disaster

Rechargeable batteries in the wake of natural disasters

Rechargeable batteries from electric vehicles and even small power packs have been deemed essential in the event of a natural disaster. Typically, batteries are used...

The world’s most threatened shark

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature's (IUCN's) have identified giant guitarfish and wedgefish as the world's most threatened marine fish. The new IUCN...

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