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SciTech Europa brings you the latest Environment & Sustainability News from across the field of European Science & Technology Research, Development and Innovation.

Beluga whale

Research efforts to save the beluga whale

Research efforts are now underway in attempt to save the beluga whale from extinction, amid the publication of various studies suggesting drastic changes to...

The global effort to accelerate the energy transition

Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) has launched a new report, Seven Challenges for Energy Transformation, during three connected international events in Delhi, Beijing and New...

Biodegradable resin made from 100% biomass

Green Science Alliance have developed a 100% biomass nature derived cellulose base biodegradable resin materials without the use of petroleum. Environmental problems such as global...
Regenerating Europe: can circular economy be achieved by 2030?

Regenerating Europe: can circular economy be achieved by 2030?

Vice President of the European Commission spoke about the importance of regenerating Europe at the Horizon Europe ‘New Parliament, New Commission, new agenda’ event. In...
Tools and Aquaculture for Aquaculture Sustainability (TAPAS)

Tools and Aquaculture for Aquaculture Sustainability (TAPAS)

The European Aquaculture industry is set to benefit from tools and guidance for aquaculture sustainability, developed by the EU-funded Horizon 2020 TAPAS project. The aquaculture...

The water contamination epidemic

To control the current water contamination epidemic, we must begin with land use reform and then move towards comprehensive land management solutions. Freshwater resources including...

Montreal could become carbon neutral by 2050

All buildings in Montreal could be made carbon neutral by 2050, according to Martin Roy, president of engineering consulting firm Martin Roy and Associates. At...
Solar panel

British Columbia wins first place for energy efficiency

British Columbia has won first place in Canada's first ever Provincial Energy Efficiency Scorecard, alongside a Canada-wide database on energy efficiency policy. British Columbia won...
World Coffee Research: the future of coffee

World Coffee Research: the future of coffee

World Coffee Research aims to grow, protect and enhance supplies of quality coffee while improving livelihoods of producer families. The livelihoods of coffee farmers and...
An image to illustrate coral bleaching

Increasing the resilience of corals

Kazuhiko Koike, a professor of Hiroshima University, has found that the coexistence of giant clams with corals may be important for coral reef ecosystems. Giant...

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