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Revolutionising the forestry business

MHG Systems began in 2005 in Mikkeli, Finland, with a vision. The owner of 500 hectares of forest land was struggling to manage his...

Greenstat AS has a vision of a fossil-free Norway

Greenstat AS’s mission is to develop and operate projects related to sustainable energy and technology, as well as projects supporting the transition from fossil...

PEEX: Pioneers in atmospheric science

Centres of Excellence in Research (FCoE) are the flagships of Finnish science policy. FCoEs are granted by the Academy of Finland and are intended for the research teams and their consortia to carry out research at the highest level.
nutrient legacies

The University of Waterloo reconciles agriculture and water quality

Agricultural nutrient legacies delay the recovery of healthy aquatic ecosystems, according to researchers from the University of Waterloo, Canada. Agriculture is a dominant source of...

Low-carbon global economies

Sustainable Decisions Limited is a think tank engaged in accelerating the transition to low-carbon global economies through societal capability building and sustainable infrastructure development. They...

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