Friday, October 18, 2019

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The sustainable future of paper beer bottle

Carlsberg has today updated on its journey to create the world's first 'paper' beer bottle made from sustainably-sourced wood fibres that is both 100%...

New research on the immune response of the koala bear

Researchers, from two universities in Australia, have identified a never-before-seen type of immune response in the koala bear. A new study from researchers at UMass...

Spotting the signs of forest death

Researchers at The University of Alabama could help spot drought related problems early to mitigate risks and possibly help restore forests. Predicting if droughts and...

Investigating the ancient hornwort

The Boyce Thompson Institute will be researching an ancient group of plants with a unique methods of securing carbon and nitrogen, hornworts. Plants belonging to...
Hydrogen CO2

Germany invests further in hydrogen-based energy

The German research minister has announced a €300m investment into hydrogen-based energy technology in a bid to squash carbon emissions. As part of the Energiewende, Germany's...
Coral reef

Coral comes back from the dead after climate warming

Researchers, from the University of Barcelona, have discovered that some types of coral can regenerate and even 'come back from the dead' after climate...
duck-billed dinosaur found in Japan

Meet the new duck-billed dinosaur found in Japan

Researchers have discovered a new duck-billed dinosaur in northern Japan, belonging to the herbivore species of hadrosaurid dinosaur. The dinosaur, whose nearly complete skeleton was...

Using innovation and cycling to promote zero carbon

Innovation companies have received a bursary from a UK energy provider, to develop ideas intended to tackle barriers to cycling participation and encourage a...
sustainable Commercial plane

Could commercial flying be sustainable?

In 2017, commercial flying released 862 million metric tonnes of CO2 into the earth's atmosphere, but, could flying commercially become sustainable? Regardless of the copious amounts...
Cleaner air

The €45.4m fund to reduce air pollution

The Clean Air Fund, announced at the United Nations Climate Change Summit, is initially putting €45.4m towards solving the global air pollution crisis. The Clean...

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