Saturday, July 4, 2020

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Oil rig

Is African fracking to receive an injection of investment?

Namibia, Nigeria and Angola have been named the top three hot spots for oil companies. But, how do corruption and environmental factors affect the...
ice river

 Studies show global ice loss is set to increase

A new study has estimated the extent of the Earth’s river ice loss as the planet becomes hotter, due to climate warming. Over 50% of...
animal rescued

Wild animal sanctuary rescued 204 animals in 2019

Colorado's Wild Animal Sanctuary had a record number of animals rescued in 2019, with 204 animals being saved from abuse, neglect or unsuitable housing. With...
satellite data centre

New satellite data centre to lead climate studies

On 30 December, ministers announced backing for a study to analyse satellite images that will predict the future impact of climate change and inform...

Six orangutans have now been reintroduced into the wild

A group of six orangutans have successfully been rehabilitated and reintroduce into their natural habitat in a national park in Kotawaringin. Six orangutans, four males...
Paper straws plastic alternatives

Packaging solutions for a circular economy

As we hit the peak of plastic consumption, simply switching your plastic straw for a paper one isn’t enough. As part of the circular...
christmas air polution

Dodging air pollution? Avoid Christmas shopping here

Scientists from the Universities of Birmingham and Lancaster have published a league table of the predicted city-wide air pollution concentrations among UK cities. The Bedfordshire...
Santa eating chocolate chirp cookies

Will you be leaving Santa chocolate chirp cookies?

From veganism to palm-oil free, the world of sustainable eating is forever changing. Will edible insects be the next big thing? Insects are eaten as...
ice cap melting

Ice cap has shed 9.5bn tonnes of mass since 2013

For the first time, geologists have observed rapid ice loss from a new ice river in the Arctic Circle which flow at around 3...
Genetically diverse fruit bat

Common species have seen a reduction in biodiversity

A new study conducted by the National University of Singapore (NUS) has indicated that the current biodiversity crisis may be affecting more species than...

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