Friday, October 18, 2019

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Plastic waste

Plastic waste management is to grow exponentially

As plastic pollution continues to threaten our wildlife and our environment, the plastic waste management market is predicted to grow exponentially by 2024. According to...

Subcritical water within the biorefinery concept

Subcritical water is an innovative way of using a single green solvent for the valorisation of biomass. The World population has been increasing dramatically. As...

Genome-edited bull produces hornless offspring

For the past two years, researchers at the University of California, Davis, have been studying six offspring of a dairy bull, genome-edited to prevent...
Woolly Mammoths Grazing In Grassland

Last ever woolly mammoth died on Wrangel Island

Researchers at the University of Helsinki have found the site where the last woolly mammoth lived and died. The 4,000 year old remains were...
Lion, cat, exotic pet

3,600 lions and tigers are kept as pets in Canada

1.4 million exotic pets are estimated to exist in Canada including tigers, Burmese pythons and African grey parrots. But what effect does this have...
Food waste

Inside the Sustainable Retail Summit

Deforestation, plastics, food waste, forced labour and health on the agenda of Consumer Goods Forum's 4th Sustainable Retail Summit. The program of the 4th Sustainable...
Single use plastics

Addressing Canada’s single-use plastic reform

Retail Council of Canada have called for the Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks to create a conclusive plan for single-use plastic management. Retail Council...
Jaguar cub, illegal animal sale

Illegal wildlife trade in the Americas

The International Fund for Animal Welfare embraces the first high level conference on illegal wildlife trade in the Americas, held in Peru. High-level officials from...
wood blocks

The climate benefit of using wood in high rise buildings

An international congress of the wood, innovations and technology sectors have met in order to discuss the international benefits of using wood in large...
Beach plastic

Japan, US and EU are working on the plastic crisis

Japan plans to lead a new initiative to reduce the amount of marine plastic waste released from cooperating states, with help for the USA...

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