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SciTech Europa brings you the latest Environment & Sustainability News from across the field of European Science & Technology Research, Development and Innovation.

An image of photovoltaics being used for energy production

Be-Smart: building-integrated photovoltaics for energy

Be-Smart is an EU research project focusing on the deployment of building-integrated photovoltaics, in response to near zero-energy EU regulations for new buildings. What is...
The importance of protecting biodiversity

The importance of protecting biodiversity

Professor Timothy Schowalter explains why protecting biodiversity is important, not least in the context of human health. The Earth is currently experiencing a dramatic reduction...
GMOs – putting the ‘sweet’ back into corn?

Genetically modified organisms: putting the ‘sweet’ back into corn?

The perceived pros and cons of GMOs often leads to a split in opinion, as SciTech Europa explores. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines genetically...
An image of fish to illustrate the concept of fish diseases.

Fish diseases: Why prevention is better than a cure

As fishing industries such as the £1bn Scottish salmon farming industry are being affected by the growth of diseases, focus is now turning from...
An image representing marine technology.

Marine technology: Scenario-based risk management for polar waters

Aalto University’s Marine Technology Research Group outline a new project to develop risk-based guidelines which holistically consider the impact of risks in ice infested...
An image of strawberries to reflect growing American strawberries

Growing American strawberries: The challenges, needs, and opportunities

The American Society for Horticultural Science has review the challenges, needs, and opportunities for growing American strawberries. Jayesh Samtani of Virginia Tech and Curt Rom...
An image of the Arctic to demonstrate the Arctic heavy fuel oil ban concept

Clean Arctic Alliance: we must focus on the Arctic Heavy Fuel Oil ban

Clean Arctic Alliance has encouraged the six IMO Member States to remain focused on developing the heavy fuel oil ban in the Arctic. The campaign...
An image of a person spraying perfume to demonstrate air pollution caused by household tasks

The hidden air pollution caused by your daily household activities

Research from the University of Colorado Boulder suggests that daily household activities cause significant air pollution. Indoor air quality levels could be equivalent to...
A concept image of a car to demonstrate the industry of carmaking giants

Electric Vehicles: Are carmaking giants misjudging their strategy?

Bad strategy and a lack of diversification will kill some carmaking giants soon, according to Dr Peter Harrop, the chairman of IDTechEx. The new IDTechEX...
An image to represent butterfly monitoring.

Improving the European environment with butterfly monitoring

A new EU Pilot Project on butterfly monitoring is aiming to inform decisions on improving the European environment. The project is called ABLE (Assessing ButterfLies in Europe)....

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