Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Health Research News

SciTech Europa brings you the latest Health Research News from across the field of European Science & Technology Research, Development and Innovation.

Healthy workforce

Wearable tech to promote a healthy workforce

Live Well Work Well (L3W), an activity supported by EIT Digital as part of its Digital Wellbeing focus area, is to  provide an all-in-one...
Rewind health

‘Rewind Therapeutics’ and Remyelination

Meet the Belgian company that is developing small molecule therapeutics to promote remyelination. At ‘Rewind Therapeutics’ (a start-up company based in Leuven, Belgium), we focus...
Circle of Health-English

Local to global impact in health promotion

In 1986 the Ottawa Charter for health promotion was launched by the World Health Organization and was received with enthusiasm by organisations and practitioners...
Game theory, antibiotics

Using game theory to identify antibiotic resistance

Washington State University (WSU) researchers have developed a novel way to identify previously unrecognised antibiotic-resistance genes in bacteria. By employing machine learning and game theory,...

How culling badgers could spread TB further

Culling drives badgers to roam 61% further afield, explaining why the practice can sometimes exacerbate the spread of bovine TB. A study led by researchers...
Hair loss

The link between air pollution and hair loss

Research shows, for the first time, that exposure to common air pollutants known as particulate matter (PM) is linked to hair loss in humans. The...
Forest, Mexico

New antibiotic found in a Mexican tropical forest

An international team of researchers have discovered a new antibiotic, which they can force to mutate, in a Mexican tropical forest. Scientists from Rutgers University...
Liver function

Mechanism in the liver can prevent fungal infections

Scientists, from the University of Maryland, USA, have discovered a mechanism in the human liver that helps prevent invasive fungal infections. As a world-renowned expert...
The H2020 Innovative Training Network BioSmartTrainee

BioSmartTrainee: Controlling adhesion in wet conditions

The H2020 Innovative Training Network BioSmartTrainee educates a new generation of professionals in the field of smart adhesive materials. Adhesion in wet environments is a...
Brain, tumour

Brain tumours growing in artificial brains

Scientists created a brain-mimicking environment to grow three dimensional tissue models of brain tumours. A team of Tufts University-led researchers has developed three-dimensional (3D) human...

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