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An image of a large plate of food to illustrate the concept of overeating and cannabinoid receptors

Controlling overeating: how does signalling to cannabinoid receptors influence eating habits?

A new study has found that overactive signalling to cannabinoid receptors in the gut drives overeating in diet-induced obesity in a mouse model. Endocannabinoids are...
An image to illustrate the sugar tax

How effective is a sugar tax and health warnings for reducing obesity in America?

Research presented at Nutrition 2019 assesses how effectively policies such as a sugar tax and health warnings for sugary drinks could reduce obesity. Sugary drinks...
An image to illustrate trans youth

Trans youth: how family and school support helps to prevent substance use

A new national study in Canada showed that strong family and school support for trans youth can help to prevent substance use. According to the...
An image to illustrate body fat distribution and how it relates to aggressive prostate cancer

How does body fat distribution link to the risk of aggressive prostate cancer?

The first prospective study of the link between measured body fat distribution and aggressive prostate cancer has been done. Prior studies have demonstrate an association...
An image to illustrate mucopolysaccharidoses, gargoylism and gene therapy

The mucopolysaccharidoses: from gargoylism to gene therapy

Professor Susanne Gerit Kircher looks at past therapy options for mucopolysaccharidoses and explores what the future might hold. Mucopolysaccharidoses are a group of rare inherited...
An image to illustrate c.diff infection and faecal transfer

Faecal transfer: how healthy donor faeces could be used to treat C.diff infection

Christian Lodberg Hvas and Simon Mark Dahl Jørgensen, from the Department of Hepatology and Gastroenterology at Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark, discuss C. diff infection...
An image to illustrate how embryonic conditions can help to heal broken bones faster

Recreating embryonic conditions could help to heal broken bones faster

Researchers have developed a unique technique using stem cells to recreate embryonic conditions at a break site to heal broken bones faster. The stem cells applied...
An image of a crying baby to illustrate the new language acquisition algorithm

Hungry or in a pain? A language acquisition algorithm detects the reason behind a...

Parents who are wondering whether their crying baby is hungry, tired, or even in pain could soon be able to use a language acquisition...
An image to illustrate acid reflux and whether this can be relieved in people with obesity by having gastric band surgery

Obesity and acid reflux: does gastric bypass surgery help to relieve reflux?

A new study has assessed whether gastric bypass surgery can help to relieve acid reflux in patients with severe obesity. The authors note that:"Physicians and...
An image of a child with a piggy bank to illlustrate the impact of economic downturn on child mental health

The consequences of a poor economy: how does economic downturn affect child mental health?

A study has researched the effects of economic conditions on child mental health, finding that economic downturn has a negative impact on children's mental...

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