Monday, March 25, 2019

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An illustration to show the concept of an old sperm capable of creating healthier offspring

Why old sperm produces healthier offspring than shorter-lived sperm

Scientists have found that in zebrafish, old sperm produces healthier offspring than the shorter-lived sperm in the same ejaculate. This could have implications for...
An image of a mammogram taking place

How machine learning could help to avoid unnecessary breast surgery

A Dartmouth research team has found a machine learning method to avoid unnecessary breast surgery, by predicting the upgrade from ADH to cancer. Atypical ductal hyperplasia...
An image of a retina, to illustrate the concept of optic nerve trauma.

A new target could aid vision recovery after optic nerve trauma

Scientists have found that eliminating an enzyme which promotes inflammation could aid vision recovery following an optic nerve trauma. Optic nerve trauma, sometimes caused by...
An image depicting a married couple holding hands.

Is the oxytocin receptor gene the key to a happy marriage?

Researchers at Binghamton University, New York found that specific gene combinations, or genotypes can influence whether people experience a happy marriage. The research shows that...
A woman eating an apple in a gym.

Changing your timing could help you choose a healthy post-workout snack

The key to choosing a healthy post-workout snack as opposed to an unhealthy treat could be to alter the timing of your decision-making, according...
A representation of microfluidics

Using microfluidics for drug discovery

The Merten group at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory is developing microfluidics technology for drug discovery and personalised medicine. Dr Christoph Merten is the leader of...
Image of a doctor using an electronic medical device

Commercialising health innovation with open technology platforms

TU Delft’s Professor Ronald Dekker discusses the potential benefits of open technology platforms as presented by the Health.E Lighthouse, as well as other areas...
Mobile decision facilitator for oncology

Future healthcare systems: a mobile decision facilitator for oncology

Christophe Vergne explains how the dashboard developed by MYPL brings added value to the efficiency of oncology medical teams and, moreover, will present a...
Image highlighting a woman's liver

A potential new treatment option for acute-on-chronic liver failure

Professor Thomas Berg and Dr Cornelius Engelmann from the University Hospital Leipzig speak to SciTech Europa about the potential of G-CSF as a treatment...
An image showing an older person with hand pain

The inconsistencies in long-term opioid use for severe osteoarthritis

New research published in Arthritis & Rheumatology, reveals inconsistencies in the long-term use of prescription opioids to treat pain in older patients with severe...

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