Thursday, December 12, 2019

Health Research News

SciTech Europa brings you the latest Health Research News from across the field of European Science & Technology Research, Development and Innovation.

Cancer research models in immunotherapy

Dr Carlos Rogerio de Figueiredo and Professor Maija Hollmén at the University of Turku are exploiting uveal melanoma as a model system, to understand...
Fuel poverty

Ending fuel poverty in the United Kingdom

The End Fuel Poverty Coalition has called on all political parties to adopt four pledges to end the scourge of fuel poverty in England. Fuel...
Ocean antibiotics

New potential antibiotic source found at sea

After collecting samples from 10 marine locations, scientists have discovered a new source of antibiotics, potentially solving the current drug resistant bacteria crisis. Almost three...
Cancer treatment

New and novel treatment for lung cancer and Leukaemia

New clinical stage biopharmaceutical company has successfully developed a novel selective AXL kinase inhibitor to treat multiple cancers, such as lung cancer and Leukaemia. BerGenBio...
Breast cancer

Photodynamic therapy for drug resistant breast cancer

New research published in Cancer Cell International highlights the role of photodynamic therapy on multidrug resistant breast cancer. Breast cancer heterogeneity allows for cells with...
Alternative to chemotherapy

Macromolecular science finds stand-in for chemotherapy

Scientist have created a simple and effective alternative to chemotherapy using multifunctional mesoporous polydopamine with hydrophobic paclitaxel. Despite many photothermal agents having been loaded with...

Informing the world about influenza

The International Society for Influenza and other Respiratory Virus Diseases, speaks to SciTech Europa Quarterly about the importance of working for disease prevention and...
Antimicrobial resistance

The threat of antimicrobial resistance

Co-chair, John Ryan, addresses how the EU can become the best practice region in combating antimicrobial resistance. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR or AR) is the ability...
Cardiovascular disease

The European Society of Cardiology on Europe’s biggest killer

Prof Martin Cowie, chairman of the Digital Health Committee for the European Society of Cardiology speaks to SciTech Europa Quarterly about Cardiovascular disease –...
Regenerative medicine

The Alliance for Regenerative Medicine

Meet the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine – the international advocate for gene therapy, cell therapy, & tissue engineering. Regenerative medicine includes gene therapies, cell therapies,...

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