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SciTech Europa brings you the latest Materials & Nanotechnology News from across the field of European Science & Technology Research, Development and Innovation.

Let’s talk about solid-state circuits

Let’s talk about solid-state circuits

Bram Nauta, president of the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society, explains how microchips have changed the world and why we need more women in circuits. The...
Biomaterials research and development: Welcome to the ESB

Biomaterials research and development: Welcome to the ESB

We spoke to president of the ESB, Pamela Habibovic, about the importance of biomaterials research and development in Europe. The future of innovation in the...
The E-MRS: supporting materials science & engineering in Europe

The E-MRS: supporting materials science & engineering in Europe

Most of the problems facing the world, such as energy supply and health, will be solved only by breakthroughs in materials science: meet the...

Ultrathin nanomaterial based inks

2D materials possess unique application potential. To unravel it, fundamental science is as important as applied research. With the isolation and characterisation of graphene 15...

Nanotechnologies – almost there – what’s next?

The Joint Research Centre’s Dr Elke Anklam spoke to SEQ about how the European Commission is supporting nanotechnologies. In June, SciTech Europa Quarterly travelled to...

Ordered nanocylinder arrays in solar cells

Ultrathin layers and ordered nanocylinder arrays in solar cells made from alternative materials. With his ERC Grant 'Solacylin', Professor Julien Bachmann and his team at...

Invisible power generator: a new direction of 2D materials

Meet the invisible electrical devices which particularly focus on transparent power generators. Our lives can expect to undergo drastic changes if an electrical function is...

New research shows the flexibility of graphene

New research, conducted by engineers at the University of Illinois, results show that the more graphene is bent, the softer it becomes. The study combines...
Road in Oxfordshire, UK

Graphene enhanced roads to be trailed in the UK

Oxfordshire council, working with a private contracting company, have proposed trailing the use of graphene-enhanced type of asphalt for roads. The trail in Curbridge, Oxfordshire,...
Solar cell

Solar cells benefit from disorganised perovskite materials

Research from the University of Cambridge suggests that the disorganised production of perovskite materials increase the efficiency of the next generation of solar cells. Scientist...

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