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Materials & Nanotechnology News

SciTech Europa brings you the latest Materials & Nanotechnology News from across the field of European Science & Technology Research, Development and Innovation.

An image of photovoltaics being used for energy production

Be-Smart: building-integrated photovoltaics for energy

Be-Smart is an EU research project focusing on the deployment of building-integrated photovoltaics, in response to near zero-energy EU regulations for new buildings. What is...
Exploring the Graphene Flagship through the eyes of a Nobel Prize winner

Exploring the Graphene Flagship through the eyes of a Nobel Prize winner

Professor Sir Kostya Novoselov, who was co-awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics, discusses the Graphene Flagship and research into this and other 2D...
graphene heterostructures

Graphene heterostructures could revolutionise electronics design

Researchers from the University of Manchester and the University of Sheffield have discovered the properties of graphene can be changed by stacking layers like...
CERN exotic particle experiment

CERN exotic particle experiment approved

The research board at CERN has approved a new experiment aimed at searching for light and weakly interacting particles at the Large Hadron Collider. The...
IDTechEx experts delve into the world of graphene commercialisation

IDTechEx experts delve into the world of graphene commercialisation

At first, the industry was an over-hyped field, full of over-promising, under-delivery, and utter confusion, but now having achieved significant milestones, graphene commercialisation has...

Supercritical fluids: the superheroes of green chemistry

Supercritical fluids are a class of solvents, alternative to organic solvents, for a more sustainable chemical industry. Supercritical fluids started to gain attention from the...
The genesis of a project

IPCMS: the genesis of a project

IPCMS in Strasbourg, a pioneering scientific institute, explores multidisciplinarity in materials and nanoscience. The adventure of the IPCMS (Institut de Physique et Chimie des Matériaux...
An image to demonstrate biometric smartcards

How smart, secure and convenient are biometric smartcards?

CardLab’s Frank Sandelov spoke to SciTech Europa about the company’s biometric smartcards and the security and convenience they offer. Founded in 2003 by Torsten Nordentoft,...
An abstract image to illustrate spintronics

Spintronics: Electronics with a spin and “the ultimate potential of graphene”

SciTech Europa explores some of the research taking place in the exciting field of spintronics, from that being conducted by the Graphene Flagship to...
An image of a touch screen to present transparent conductive films applications

Transparent conductive films: the new opportunities

IDTechEx Research Director, Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh, has written a report on the transition from old transparent conductive films to the new applications of these...

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