Thursday, May 28, 2020
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airport security

Airport security is about to become more efficient

Airport security queues could drop considerably and screening for weapons could become more effective after a British university was awarded €1.1m to develop a...
diabetes tech

New funding for Type 2 diabetes technologies

The market leader in digital technology for Type 2 diabetes has just been awarded €18.8m in funding to further improved their technology for millions...
one health aquaculture

One Health: Africa’s diseased aquaculture

Researchers from the University of Cape Town, South Africa, have launched a projected focusing on increasing the healthy production of aquaculture in sub-Saharan Africa. The...
Road safety

Using geometry and digital maps to increase road safety

An automotive company has released a ground-breaking lane-guidance module for navigation that considers not only the nuances of road geometry but also objects in...
Chinese medicines

Novel methods to authenticate Chinese medicines

Scientists based in Hong Kong have invented a new method of authenticating Cordyceps sinensis, a fungus that grows inside moth larvae and is often...
Space debris

First ever mission to clear space debris launches in 2025

The first space mission to remove an item of debris from orbit, ClearSpace-1, will be planned for launch in 2025. The operation is being secured...
EU green funding

How will the EU allocate funding for a greener Europe?

The European Union has announced the European Green Deal's Investment Plan, highlighting how they aim to spend the funding allocated for a greener Europe. The...
city sustainably

People living in cities are less likely to live sustainably

Research shows that people who live in built up areas are less likely to take actions that benefit the environment and that developing urban...

Has the use of AI brought us into a new era?

A new report published by Frost & Sullivan indicates that this year may be one of the most important years for technological innovation, but...
Castleman disease

Castleman disease: A doctor fighting for his own cure

Dr David Fajgenbaum, of Perelman School of Medicine at University of Pennsylvania, is working to find a cure for Castleman disease while battling the...

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