Monday, December 9, 2019
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wearable tech

The ever-growing market of wearable medical devices

SciTech Europa welcomes Global Market Insights to share their research on the growth of the global wearable medical devices market and how it's expected...
Beluga whale

Research efforts to save the beluga whale

Research efforts are now underway in attempt to save the beluga whale from extinction, amid the publication of various studies suggesting drastic changes to...

The global effort to accelerate the energy transition

Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) has launched a new report, Seven Challenges for Energy Transformation, during three connected international events in Delhi, Beijing and New...

Innovation hub to accelerate scientific breakthroughs

A new innovation hub is enabling researchers to turn their breakthrough scientific concepts that use photonics into industrially-relevant demonstrators. A new EU innovation hub –...
puppies, animal health

Reducing animals’ need for antibiotics

The world's largest producers of animal medicines have made a multi-billion dollar pledge towards research that can help reduce the need for antibiotics for...

New and improved perovskite solar cells

Researchers have developed a method of building the next generation of perovskite solar cells to make an efficient source of renewable energy. Researchers from Nanyang...

Biodegradable resin made from 100% biomass

Green Science Alliance have developed a 100% biomass nature derived cellulose base biodegradable resin materials without the use of petroleum. Environmental problems such as global...
nutrition science

Advancing nutrition science: innovation and collaboration

We spoke to the President of The Nutrition Society, Professor Julie Lovegrove, about the importance of nutrition science. The Nutrition Society was established in 1941....
Hardware security and safety: semiconductor IC chips and VLSI systems

Hardware security and safety: semiconductor IC chips and VLSI systems

Learn about Kobe University and their research into the design and evaluation of semiconductor IC chips and VLSI systems for better safety and security. The...
neuroscience in europe

Promoting neuroscience in Europe with FENS

Founded in 1998 at the first Forum of European Neuroscience, the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) is the voice of neuroscience in Europe. FENS...

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