Thursday, September 19, 2019
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Poland wins the European Rover Challenge 2019

The European Rover Challenge has officially ended with the Polish team, IMPULS, becoming a first double winner in the world. For the fifth time constructors...
Apes, walking

10M year old fossilised ape gives new view of evolution

A 10M year old fossilised ape has been found in Rudabánya, Hungary. The subsequent findings contributed another piece to our evolutionary puzzle. A research team led...

Plastic pollution is forcing the migration of shellfish

Scientists believe increased plastic in our oceans has encouraged the spread of invasive species in a number of bodies of water. Over the years the...
Mummy, museum

Mummy visits the children’s hospital

Two mummies have been transported to Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital to be photographed, CT-scanned and digitally X-rayed in order to provide greater insight into the...
Digital, health

HETT: Bringing you new digital health tech

The health sector should expect a wave of new technologies after the HETT digital health technology show this October. The health technology sector’s major technology...
Volcano, eruption

A volcano on Jupiter’s moon is to erupt this month

Astronomers have observed that the largest and most powerful volcano on Jupiter's Io is due to erupt in September 2019, as per it's regular...
Student, engineers

Great news from young engineers and tech students

Siemens has launched a new undergraduate sponsorship programme to discover, inspire and nurture the next generation of engineering and tech talent. The Digital Academy pays...
Wind turbines, Denmark

Denmark: Making waves in renewable energy

Over €1bn of funding has allowed Denmark to become a superpower in the research and production of renewable energies. After receiving over €1bn from Horizon...
Turtle, water

Drug overdose therapy to save sea turtles

A therapy that is used to treat human drug overdoses could be used to tread sea turtles suffering from exposure to harmful neurotoxins. Sea turtles suffering...

In the genes: overlooked tomatoes’ drought resistance

A once overlooked gene, from a family of “jumping genes”, has been found to hold the potential to accelerate crop breeding through improved drought...

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