Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Tesla mega-battery activated

Tesla mega-battery activated

The world's largest lithium ion battery has begun dispensing power into an electricity grid in South Australia. The 100-megawatt battery, built by Tesla, was officially...
particulate organic carbon

American exopolymerics

Texas A&M University introduces exopolymeric substances as agents in enhancing the self-cleansing capacity of natural waters Most chemical substances that reach the ocean through rivers,...

PEEX: Pioneers in atmospheric science

Centres of Excellence in Research (FCoE) are the flagships of Finnish science policy. FCoEs are granted by the Academy of Finland and are intended for the research teams and their consortia to carry out research at the highest level.
nutrient legacies

The University of Waterloo reconciles agriculture and water quality

Agricultural nutrient legacies delay the recovery of healthy aquatic ecosystems, according to researchers from the University of Waterloo, Canada. Agriculture is a dominant source of...

Science & Technology Issue 21

In issue 21 of Science and Technology, the UK making the decision to leave the European Union and Donald Trump being elected as the...

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