Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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rice blast fungus

Rice blast fungus ‘eats’ itself to attack plants

The cells of rice blast fungus endure major changes when it infects its host plant. One of these changes involves using the components of...
drying car paint

Over half a million dollars to watch paint dry

Painting cars has negative effects on the environment, while also being a costly process. Researchers have been given over half a million dollars to...
Medical devices

What’s next for the medical electronics market?

From imaging to digital devices, the medical electronics market is growing. Global Market Insights spoke to SciTech Europa about the rise of medical devices. Medical...
Mars Moon Space exploration

Mars or Moon? Conquering space with technology

SciTech Europa spoke to Mariella Graziano, Executive Director of Space Systems and Robotics at GMV, about space exploration and the technology that facilitates man's...
UK Farming

The fall of our currents could mean the end of UK farming

New research suggests the crop production in the UK is set to drop drastically if climate change triggers the collapse of the vital ocean’s...
cell hands

The cell’s ‘hand’ could revolutionise drug development

Researchers suggest that studies on ‘cell hands’ could dissolve barriers in health research, drug development and bioengineering. Syndecan-4, a protein found in the human body,...
Chemistry carbon footprint

Reducing the carbon footprint of the chemical industry

Engineers at Rice University, Texas, have developed a light powered nanoparticle that can minimise the carbon footprint within the chemical industry. The particle, discovered by...

What determines the colour of hummingbirds’ feathers?

An international team of researchers have found that the hummingbirds’ colour comes from pancake-shaped structures within the birds’ feathers. Hummingbirds’ distinctly coloured iridescent feathers result...
Biotech Cancer

Why are biotech companies focusing on cancer?

Many biotechnology firms focus on the health sector. However, there has been recent growth in the use of biotechnology in cancer research and treatment. Biotechnology...
Mount Everest

Plant life around Mount Everest is expanding

Using NASA satellite data, researchers have discovered that plant life in the region around Mount Everest, and across the Himalayas, is expanding. Using satellite data,...

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