Thursday, September 19, 2019
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Out of order, toilet

The faulty gene stopping bladders from emptying

A team of scientist and clinicians have discovered the genetic fault behind a common fatal organ defect that affects unborn babies and young children. The...
Solar power plant

Investments into the first US utility scale solar parks

Ingka Group, who owns and operates 900,000 rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on IKEA stores, has since invested in the first US solar parks. Ingka Group,...

How organic farming is changing Northern China

The adoption of organic farming in Shanxi, Northern China, is attracting investment and supplying a sustainable food source to the less economically successful. On the...
Bee, hiding

The 15th conference on bee health

COLOSS hosted their 15th conference where researchers discussed the issues and solutions surrounding bee health. The 15th conference of the COLOSS honeybee research association has...

CybHER security: Cyber Security Women of the Year

Meet the woman at the forefront of cyber security in the UK – Lisa Ventura, Cyber Security Women of the Year Awards 2019 supporter...
internal, light

Discover the new indoor solar panel

Scientists from Sweden and China have developed an organic solar cell that converts ambient indoor light into electricity. As the inter-connectivity of WIFI enabled devices...
Articles, research

Introducing the first AI powered publisher

New AI development could unite journals across all STEM and HSS disciplines by making global scholarly publishing more efficient. Cactus Communications, a global scholarly, medical...
Lost, puppy

Rescuing pets after Hurricane Dorian

A humane organisation is deploying staff to the Bahamas to pick up the pieces after Hurricane Dorian, possibly saving hundreds of animals. American Humane, the...

Unilever announces 100% renewable energy

Unilever have announced that sites across five continents have achieved 100% renewable grid electricity use ahead of their 2020 target. Unilever announced today that its...
Woolly Rhino

Discover the oldest genetic data to ever be recorded

Scientists from the University of Cambridge and the University of Copenhagen have identified a 1.7M year old rhino tooth, 1M years older than the...

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