Thursday, August 22, 2019
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Seagull Nebula

The Seagull Nebula: Birthplace of new stars

Astronomers at Keele University have captured a new image showcasing the enormous Seagull Nebula, named because it looks like a seagull in flight. The images...
Seals at risk of plastic

Seal faeces indicates which animals are victim to plastics

A new method has been developed to investigate the link between the diet of successful predators and the amount of plastic that they consume...
rat brains

Scientist reversed ageing in rat brain stem cells

Researchers have been developing a method of understanding how the brain degenerates with age. Previously conducted research suggests that brain stiffness, which occurs as we...
New dinosaur discovered in brazil

Tiny tusked dinosaur discovered in Brazil

Researchers have recently discovered a gecko sized reptile species from the Triassic period, named clevosaurus hadropondon. The clevosaurus hadropondon is a newly discovered reptile species...
Colombian forest

Violent crime, drugs and mining: Colombia’s deforestation crisis

A new study conducted by the University of Queensland, have conducted a study highlighting the reasons for deforestation in Colombia. Contributing factors include; armed...
Black squirrels in the UK

The rise of the interbred black squirrel

The rise of the black squirrel in the United Kingdom has since been mapped by Dr Helen McRobie in 2014. Dr McRobie has recently...
Bio-metric facial recognition

4 tools of bio-metric technologies that can be extremely useful In 2019

Guest writer, writer and content strategist, Nicole D Garrison, is exploring the benefits of bio-metric technologies and their practical application in various sectors. The use...
Bringing electricity to the developing world through car batteries

Your used car battery could power a farm

Research conducted at the University of Warwick has allowed scientists to alter a used car battery in order for it to be used to...
Volcanic discovery in Australia

The mysterious Jurassic volcanic region named after a cricket player

Around 100 ancient volcanoes have been found beneath Australia's largest on shore oil and gas producing regions. The volcanoes have since been named after...
Energy storage

Inside the global energy storage boom

Since 2013, the residential energy storage business has been dominated by Germany. However, all could change as other countries further developments creating a competitive...

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