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An abstract image to illustrate the concept of energy generation by First Light Fusion

A major milestone for First Light Fusion: a unique pulsed power device

First Light Fusion is a spin-out from the University of Oxford. They have reached another major milestone in their building and tested of a...
An image to represent butterfly monitoring.

Improving the European environment with butterfly monitoring

A new EU Pilot Project on butterfly monitoring is aiming to inform decisions on improving the European environment. The project is called ABLE (Assessing ButterfLies in Europe)....
An image of euros and pounds to reflect the Horizon 2020 funding after a no deal Brexit concept

No deal Brexit: The UK could lose almost half its Horizon 2020 funding

In the event of a no deal Brexit, the UK could lose access to almost fifty percent of its Horizon 2020 funding, according to...
An abstract circuit concept image to illustrate in-mould electronics

The design, material and process opportunities for In-Mould Electronics

Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh, the research director at IDTechEx, has published a report to identify the design, material and process innovation opportunities of the In-Mould...
An image of a retina, to illustrate the concept of optic nerve trauma.

A new target could aid vision recovery after optic nerve trauma

Scientists have found that eliminating an enzyme which promotes inflammation could aid vision recovery following an optic nerve trauma. Optic nerve trauma, sometimes caused by...
One of the yellow-bellied sea snakes

Solving the mystery of sea snakes that cannot drink seawater

Sea snakes are surrounded by seawater. While previously scientists believed they could drink seawater, new research has shown they need to access fresh water. The...
An image of a honey bee, to demonstrate the bees at risk from the beetle pest.

Small hive beetles: can we stop the invasive honey bee pest?

The honey bee research association COLOSS have published an action plan to deal with the new introductions of the honey bee pest, small hive beetles, into regions previously...
An image of a woman holding a women banner. To illustrate international women and girls in science day

The inspirational women in STEM who work towards a sustainable planet

Today is International Women and Girls in Science Day. The United Nations environment is celebrating four  women in STEM who they see as inspirational,...
An image of Zurich, Switzerland to illustrate the story of Swiss start-ups.

Swiss start-ups to benefit from a multi-million investment fund

Swiss start-ups and innovative small and medium-sized businesses could benefit from a new fund of up to CHF500 million (~€440.40 million), which may encourage...
An image depicting a married couple holding hands.

Is the oxytocin receptor gene the key to a happy marriage?

Researchers at Binghamton University, New York found that specific gene combinations, or genotypes can influence whether people experience a happy marriage. The research shows that...

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