Thursday, May 28, 2020
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SciTech Europa brings you the latest Research & Development News from across the field of European Science & Technology Research, Development and Innovation.


What determines the colour of hummingbirds’ feathers?

An international team of researchers have found that the hummingbirds’ colour comes from pancake-shaped structures within the birds’ feathers. Hummingbirds’ distinctly coloured iridescent feathers result...
self driving car

New blind spot detector to revolutionise self-driven cars

Japanese company, Hesai, have produce an innovative blind spot detection technology for self-driving cars, challenging industry leaders in the US and the EU. Hesai, a...

Unique agrochemical programme to launch in Tel Aviv

A global crop production company will be working with Tel Aviv University to launch a unique teaching programme on active substance delivery and formulation. ADAMA,...
Maritime Lasers

Research revolutionises maritime industry with new laser

An EU maritime study has resulted in a record-breaking ‘blue-light’ laser with the capacity to transform underwater range-finding, imaging and communication across the maritime...
Safety in the petrochemical industry

Robot to transform safety in the petrochemical industry

Researchers have introduced the first ever Friction Stir Welding Robotic Crawler for the internal repair of pipelines, increasing the safety of those in the...
Fish choir

Scientist record a rare underwater fish choir

For the first time ever, at the SEA LIFE London Aquarium, researchers have recorded the sounds of fish communicating using audible sounds. The recordings ranged...
plastic compounding

What’s next for the plastic compounding market?

Kiran Pulidindi, the research lead at Global Market Insights, spoke to SciTech Europa about the predictive growth of the plastic compounding market. Plastic compounding market...
Nano zinc oxide

Nano zinc oxide: applications and valuations

SciTech Europa would like to welcome Kiran Pulidindi, the research lead at Global Market Insights, to discuss the nano zinc oxide market and its...

Scientist discover a second ancient lungfish

A second ancient lungfish has been discovered, adding another piece to the jigsaw of evolving aquatic life forms more that 400m years ago. The newly...
hate speech

Can AI help quarantine hate speech?

Researchers are developing Artificial Intelligence to allow advisory ‘quarantining’ of hate speech, similar to malware filters, controlling exposure to ‘hateful content’. The use of hate...

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