Thursday, September 19, 2019
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SciTech Europa brings you the latest Research & Development News from across the field of European Science & Technology Research, Development and Innovation.

Student, engineers

Great news from young engineers and tech students

Siemens has launched a new undergraduate sponsorship programme to discover, inspire and nurture the next generation of engineering and tech talent. The Digital Academy pays...
internal, light

Discover the new indoor solar panel

Scientists from Sweden and China have developed an organic solar cell that converts ambient indoor light into electricity. As the inter-connectivity of WIFI enabled devices...
Articles, research

Introducing the first AI powered publisher

New AI development could unite journals across all STEM and HSS disciplines by making global scholarly publishing more efficient. Cactus Communications, a global scholarly, medical...
Woolly Rhino

Discover the oldest genetic data to ever be recorded

Scientists from the University of Cambridge and the University of Copenhagen have identified a 1.7M year old rhino tooth, 1M years older than the...

Nuclear theory: At the very heart of matter

When it comes to nuclear theory, there is still a lot to learn. Prof Sonia Bacca takes a look at the heart of the...
São Paulo, science

A science hub for the Southern Hemisphere

Sound public policies and a tradition of good higher education and research institutes make the State of São Paulo, in Brazil, an international centre...
Bees, blind

Male bees blind their queen after sex

New findings presented by the University of California, Riverside, demonstrate how male honeybees inject toxins during sex that cause temporary blindness in their mate. It...
Beech, wood

Modifying wood: improving fire resistance

Prof Dr Frédéric Pichelin and Prof Dr Thomas Volkmer from the Bern University of Applied Sciences, explain the reasons behind why the research group...
Colour, bird

A bird’s colour could effect their resistance to illnesses

Colourful plumage is believed to have a great function in how birds select a mate, however it could also have an impact on several...
Science, lab

€621M funding for European research and innovation

The European Research Council’s (ERC) €621M Starting Grants have been awarded to 408 researchers across Europe. The €621M funding for European research and innovation will...

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