Wednesday, April 24, 2019

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An image to illustrate cyber agriculture

What is cyber agriculture? How computer algorithms could make crops taste better

What is cyber agriculture? MIT has explored this new field using algorithms in agriculture to optimise growing conditions for flavourful crops. According to a principal...
An image to illustrate European cybersecurity

Cybersecurity across Europe: the European Commission’s approach

Despina Spanou, Director for Digital, Society, Trust, and Cybersecurity at the European Commission’s DG CONNECT, discusses how the Commission is working to enhance cybersecurity...
An image from the launch of the Scottish satellite which will connect Scottish business and academia

EIT Digital’s new Scottish satellite in Edinburgh: Connecting Scottish business and academia

EIT Digital has officially launched its new Scottish satellite in Edinburgh, which will form connections between Scottish business and academia, and boost Scotland's global...
An image to illustrate research on nk cells

Natural killer cell-based immunotherapy for cancer

Professor Ewa Sitnicka Quinn, from Lund University’s Faculty of Medicine, discusses her work on NK cell development and function, as well as clinical applications...
An image to illustrate the concept of the anticounterfeiting process.

How can the world combat the $2.2 trillion global counterfeit market?

Uzi Breier, CEO of Dotz, explains ValiDotz security markers, analysing how the technology makes it economical for brands to adopt a cutting-edge anti-counterfeiting process. The...
A concept image to illustrate the medtech industry

The Medtech industry: The challenges of gaining regulatory approproval

Leeanne Baker from IMed Consultancy Ltd offers insight into the commercialisation process within the medtech sector and offers some valuable advice. The medtech industry is...
An illustration of a living cell to demonstrate the topic of organelles.

Designer organelles: scientists have created a membraneless organelle to build proteins

Scientists at the Lemke group at EMBL have engineered the complex biological process of translation into a living cell for the first time. The technique...
An image of a t rex to illustrate the largest ever tyrannosaurus rex skeleton which has been found

The largest known tyrannosaurus rex skeleton: Discovered in 1991, but only just characterised

Paleontologists have now characterised the largest tyrannosaurus rex skeleton ever. It was discovered back in 1991. The largest tyrannosaurus rex skeleton is the largest terrestrial...
An image to illustrate humpback whales

What is the world’s first swimming with humpback whales VR experience?

A UK company has announced the release of a new live action swimming with humpback whales VR experience. The experience is the world's first VR...
A concept image of 5G to illustrare cybersecurity for 5G networks

The European Commission recommends high level cybersecurity for 5G networks

The European Commission has recommended ensuring a high level of cybersecurity for 5G networks across the European Union, through operational measures. 5G networks Fifth generation (5G)...

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