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An image of electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles: from Tesla to the Automotive Vertical Integration dilemma

Dr Peter Harrop the chairman of IDTechEx discusses electric vehicles, from the superlative motor designs of Tesla to the dilemma of automotive vertical integration. Harrop explained: "It is...
The Eiffel Tower

The SciTech Europa editorial board meeting in Paris

SciTech Europa held its editorial board meeting in Paris, France to discuss the publication with our editorial board members. Find out the science and...
The European Centre for Theoretical Studies in Nuclear Physics and Related Areas

Nuclear physics: Fostering nuclear theory in Europe

The European Centre for Theoretical Studies in Nuclear Physics and Related Areas (ECT*) plays a key role in Europe, as Professor Jochen Wambach explains. From...
Fake news concept image

The European Commission intensifies its battle against disinformation

The European Commission has called on the signatories of the Code of Practice to intensify their efforts against disinformation online, in the run-up to...
DG CONNECT’s Khalil Rouhana speaking at ICT 2018

Artificial intelligence – the European approach to AI

At ICT 2018 in Vienna, SciTech Europa listened to DG CONNECT’s Khalil Rouhana discuss the ‘European approach’ to AI. Khalil Rouhana, Deputy Director-General of the...
U of T Engineering research team lead, Professor Milica Radisic with a microfluidic device.

The new platform engineered for lab-grown heart cells

Heart cells need exercise even when growing outside the human body. The University of Toronto Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering has designed a...
An illustrated concept of digital piracy

“A win-win situation”: The economic benefits of digital piracy

Researchers have assessed whether digital piracy can have surprising economic benefits for retailers, consumers and manufacturers. Should piracy be tolerated? One example is HBO's television...
An image of 5G technology.

The European Commission will harmonise radio spectrum for the future 5G

The European Commission has decided it will harmonise the radio spectrum in the 3.4-3.8 GHz band for the future of 5G. Harmonising the radio spectrum...
Image of euros.

Nobel laureates warn the European Commission about photonics funding

Three Nobel laureate winners have warned the European Commission that not including photonics funding in the Horizon Europe draft funding priority lists could seriously...
The Axolotl salamander

Salamander superpowers: the axolotl as a model for human regeneration

The axolotl salamander is able to regrow body parts, but could it be used as a model to achieve human regeneration? Scientists at the University...

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