Friday, October 18, 2019

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Monarch butterfly on milkweed

Fruit flies mimic monarch butterflies

Scientists, at the University of California, Berkeley, recreate, in flies, the mutations that let monarch butterfly eat toxic milkweed with impunity. Noah Whiteman and his...
Robot squid

Robot squid to study the oceanic environment

Inspired by the unique and efficient swimming strategy of cephalopods, scientists developed an aquatic robot that mimics their form of propulsion. These high-speed, squidlike robots...
Self driving

Will self driving cars be better than human drivers?

Seven out of 10 consumers believe autonomous cars will drive better than humans or will surpass human abilities by 2029, according to a worldwide...
Babies talking

The mechanism of real time speech interpretation

Scientists from the University of Cambridge have discovered the building blocks allowing us to understand spoken language in real time. A new study, published in...
Purple, martin

Bugged backpack for Brazilian birds

Purple martins will soon begin their yearly winter migration but this time they’ve got a new accessory. The birds will be wearing little backpacks...
Dino, rex

How could the T. rex crush skulls?

Scientist used 3D modelling to discover how the Tyrannosaurus rex could crush the bones of it’s prey without hurting itself. The Tyrannosaurus rex was a...
Software developer

Software development giant now in Denmark

The fastest growing software development company in Poland, TenderHut, will be developing a Danish division to further their technological reach. TenderHut have been working on...
Euros, funding, value chain

Inside the European Battery Alliance stakeholder meeting

Co-designed by industrial players and public and private financial institutions, the BIP accelerates transactions in the European battery value chain. Today at the European Battery...
cars, stolen

New technology for tracking stolen vehicles

A UK start-up is developing a ground breaking new technology that will make tracking stolen vehicles faster and more reliable. In 2018, more than 300...
Slow loris

What can a slow loris teach you about sleep?

Humans typically sleep for 8 hours periods, this sleeping pattern was once believed to have arisen when humans moved from being nocturnal to diurnal....

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