Wednesday, April 24, 2019

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An image of a person using tech at a conference to illustrate the IDTechEx show!

Airbus, Altran and Microsoft will present the latest tech developments at the IDTechEx Show!...

IDTechEx has announced that Airbus, Altran and Microsoft will be opening the IDTechEx Show! in Berlin with two cornerstone presentations that will cover exciting...
An image to illustrate the copyright law Article 13

What is Article 13, the controversial copyright law backed by the EU?

The European Parliament has backed a controversial copyright law, Article 13, in a historic vote today. What is Article 13? Article 13 of the European Union...
A concept image to illustrate the rise of automation

Expert opinion: The rise of automation presents a risk to jobs

Maja Korica, assistant professor of organisation at Warwick Business School, has commented on the rise of automation and the risk this presents to jobs. Korica...
An image of Serbia, which has now become the 23rd CERN member state

Serbia has now become the 23rd CERN member state

CERN has welcomed Serbia as its 23rd member state, after UNESCO has formally notified it that Serbia has acceded to the CERN convention. Serbia will...
An image of a woman to illustrate the stereotype of attractive women in business being seen as femme fatales

The psychology of viewing attractive women in business as femme fatales

A researcher from Washington State University has found that attractive women in business are considered less trustworthy, less truthful and more worthy of being fired. The study argues...
An image of the report on embedded intelligence

Embedded intelligence in the new industrial revolution

ARTEMIS Industry Association has released the results of a study into the economic and technical outlook for embedded intelligence. Embedded intelligence ARTEMIS Industry Association states that...
An image of the definition of racism, relating to mciroaggressions

Ethnic minorities are not hypersensitive to microaggressions

A new study by Dr. Keon West tested the argument that ethnic minorities are hypersensitive to microaggressions, and found that there is no evidence...
An image of a sun bear to show the species of sun bears

Sun bears: The world’s smallest bears can mimic expressions like humans

Sun bears can exactly mimic another bear's facial expressions. This is the first time facial mimicry has been found except for in humans and...
A concept of digital Finland to illustrate the Finland Digital Trust program.

100 million euros investment into the Digital Trust Finland program

There will be 100 million euros invested into the Digital Trust Finland program so that Finland can become the Nordic centre for digital trust. The...
An abstract image of cells to illustrate the work of the European Bioinformatics Institute

Tackling life threatening diseases: The European Bioinformatics Institute

The UK Government has invested £45 million to extend the European Bioinformatics Institute, with aim of tackling life threatening diseases. The European Bioinformatics Institute is...

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