Wednesday, December 11, 2019

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Engineering glue

The changing world of engineering adhesives

As electronic devices become smaller and more complex, engineering adhesives have to keep up with the technology while remaining safe for the environment and...

Inside the Marine Tech Transformers showcase

Partly funded by the European Regional Development fund, the Marine Tech Transformers showcased cutting-edge marine industry and research technologies. Professor Lars Johanning of the University...
Natural disaster

Using AI to forecast resource supplies in natural disasters

Scientists have formed a partnership to create a predictive analytics model that identifies and forecasts supply and demand of resources in the case of...
Power grid

New project to enhance the US power grid

Researchers will launch new projects to enhance the reliability and resilience of the US national power grid as part of a nationwide project worth...

The sound of mosquitoes mating leads to quieter drones

Researchers at John Hopkins University have discovered the aerodynamics of mosquito wings could have implications for building quieter drones. Published in Bioinspiration and Biomimetics, the...
Robot arm

‘Plant inspired’ robot designed to be delicate

Researchers have recently developed a ‘plant inspired’ robot design to perform the delicate tasks that machines struggle with today. Robots in today’s factories and warehouses are...
Deer mouse

Genetic variant allows mice to thrive at high altitudes

New research published in the academic journal PLOS Genetics, shows how mice living at high altitudes have a high heart rate in order to...
EU x Japan

Japan’s collaboration with the EU is pending

The Japanese government could be budgeting around €10m a year for greater scientific cooperation with the European Union on climate, agriculture and Artificial Intelligence. Japan’s...
Chilli peppers

How does the ‘spicy compound’ change as chillies ripen

Researchers have analysed how the capsaicinoids, the compound that gives chilli peppers their spiciness, changes at different points of ripening. As reported in the American...
North Africa, Morocco

Palaeolithic man left his fingerprint on African DNA

An international team of scientists have performed a complete analysis of the genome of the population of North Africa, identifying the genetic imprint of...

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