Monday, August 26, 2019

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An image to illustrate how the brain processes colours and shapes using overlapping visual circuits

How does the brain process colours and shapes? explaining overlapping visual circuits

Researchers from the Salk Institute have discovered how the human brain processes colours and shapes using overlapping visual circuits. The researchers used imaging technology and genetically expressed sensors...
An image to illustrate Ireland's role in the European Innovation Council

The European Innovation Council advisory board appoints Ireland’s chief scientist

Ireland’s chief scientist Mark Ferguson will lead the advisory board of the European Innovation Council, which is also funding Irish SMEs. The European Innovation Council...
An image to illustrate iPS cell research

Induced pluripotent stem cells: iPS cell research for incurable diseases

Dr Makoto Ikeya discusses his work at the Center for iPS Cell Research and Application (CiRA) at Kyoto University and explains how induced pluripotent...
An image to illustrate infected cicadas which are affected by a psychoactive fungus

“The flying dead”: the infected cicadas with a psychoactive fungus similar to hallucinogenic mushrooms

A new study from West Virginia University discovered that a psychoactive fungus containing similar chemical to hallucinogenic mushrooms in infected cicadas. The infected cicadas are described as...
An image to illustrate the potential for Canada to join Horizon Europe

International science collaboration: will Canada join Horizon Europe?

In Canada, the government is investing in international collaboration in science, and there is the possibility of joining the EU's Horizon Europe research and...
An image to illustrate foodie calls, the behaviour of dating for a free meal, and how this is associated with personality traits

“Foodie call”: the “dark” personality traits associated with dating for a free meal

A "foodie call" is dating someone for the free meal offered on the date rather than romantic interest. But what does it say about the person's personality...
An image to illustrate puppy dog eyes

Animal facial anatomy: explaining the evolution of puppy dog eyes

New research on animal facial anatomy has explained the evolution of 'puppy dog eyes' as a means of communication with humans. The research from the...
An image to illustrate genomics and bioinformatics

Innovative genomics and bioinformatics research at the Greehey Institute

Dr Siyuan Zheng discusses how the Greehey Institute is continuing to advance the care of children affected by cancer through innovative and translational research. The...
An image to illustrate open science

The European Science Cloud initiative: achieving open science in astrophysics and particle physics

The European Union has launched the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) initiative to support the data driven research in pursuing excellent science. Together, astrophysics and...
An image to illustrate microscopy and imaging physics

Seeing at the molecular resolution with visible light: microscopy and imaging physics

Professor Bernd Rieger, from Delft University of Technology’s Department of Imaging Physics, explains why computational microscopy may come to have a dramatic impact on...

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