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SciTech Europa brings you the latest Space News from across the field of European Science & Technology Research, Development and Innovation.

Galactic christmas tree object

The mysterious Christmas tree shaped objects in space

Astrophysicists have been investigating galactic radio objects that adopt shapes, such as Christmas trees and harps. Researchers at the Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics in Potsdam...
seeing further with technology

How technology is allowing us to see further

Frank Salzgeber, Head of Innovation and Ventures Office at ESA explains to SciTech Europa Quarterly how technology is allowing us to see further. As Head...
NASA astronauts resized

NASA astronauts on how their jobs have changed

At the recent European Space Agency open day, SciTech Europa Quarterly met with NASA astronauts Walt Cunningham and Rusty Schweickart (who flew on the...
Space technology

50 years of space technology with the ESA

Director of Technology, Engineering and Quality at ESA, Franco Ongaro, talked to SciTech Europa about the latest technology developments since the Moon landings 50...

Water is on exoplanets, but there’s not a lot

Led by the University of Cambridge, researchers have recently conducted the most extensive survey of atmospheric chemical compositions of exoplanets, revealing implications for the...
Supermassive black hole

How do you weigh a supermassive black hole?

Astronomers have discovered a novel way to ‘weigh’ supermassive black holes at the centres of galaxies. They were able to do this by measuring...
European Space Sciences Committee

European Space Sciences Committee welcomes space funding

The European Space Sciences Committee (ESSC) has declared its approval for new space programmes in the EU, worth a total €14.4bn. The committee, which acts...

Neptune’s moons appear to do a ‘dance of avoidance’

Even by the standards of the outer solar system, the strange orbits that carry Neptune's two innermost moons are unprecedented as it appears to...
Promoting space exploration for all

Promoting space exploration for all

Jim Plaxco: ‘It seems clear that students would benefit from the injection of more space-themed subject matter into school curriculums’. The Chicago Society for Space...
Researching planetary atmospheres

Researching planetary atmospheres

Scot Rafkin, program director in space science & engineering at Southwest Research Institute, talks about some of the latest development in planetary atmospheres research. Speaking...

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