Thursday, September 19, 2019
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SciTech Europa brings you the latest Space News from across the field of European Science & Technology Research, Development and Innovation.

Weather, space

Inside NASA’s new mission proposals

NASA has chosen three mission proposals for concept studies to help us better understand the dynamic space weather system driven by the Sun that...
Mars Rover

Inside the international Mars robot competition

Representatives of the European and global world of science and business interested in applying space and robotics technologies will gather together on the 13th...
Green Pea Galaxies

What can green pea galaxies teach us about our origins?

It is probable that primordial galaxies triggered the period in the history of the universe known as "cosmic reionisation”. The Geneva-based astronomer Anne Verhamme...
Jupiter like planet

Jupiter-like planets with clouds made of rocks

A study conducted by McGill University, Canada, has discovered that the temperatures on the nightsides of planets similar to Jupiter in other solar systems...
Satellite launch by balloons

Steam balloons could be used to launch satellites

Launching satellites and rockets from high altitudes not only reduces drag but furthers the efficiency of the launch. For this reason, researchers from the...
Space travel

Asgardia’s hopes for space travel and residency

With the opening of the Spaceport America in the Mojave Desert, New Mexico last week, Virgin Galactic will be bringing their interstellar enterprise to...
Send a time capsule to the moon

The lunar time capsule is now open to the public

TCT Aerospace are opening up their time capsule to the public. Anyone can send a video to the moon to be discovered by future...
The search for earth-like planets

One small step in the search for Earth-like planets

The Kepler space telescope was launched by NASA in 2009. The telescope was intended to be used to discover earth like plants that are...
ESA Rover

ExoMars’ parachute failed, again

ESA's ExoMars mission has failed it's second round of it's parachute testing. The mission intends on delivering a European rover and a Russian surface...
Seagull Nebula

The Seagull Nebula: Birthplace of new stars

Astronomers at Keele University have captured a new image showcasing the enormous Seagull Nebula, named because it looks like a seagull in flight. The images...

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