Thursday, November 14, 2019

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World, melting

European Space Agency will add to climate knowledge

A new European mission, the Far-infrared Outgoing Radiation Understanding and Monitoring (FORUM) mission will add a crucial measurement to help our understanding of Earth’s...
ESA/Hubble, M. Kornmesser

Finding water on potentially habitable planets

The ESA's Hubble Space telescope has found a possibly habitable planet that has the potential to have water in liquid form. The discovery, published in Nature...

Venus once had a habitable atmosphere

Venus may have been habitable 700m years ago, could this be promising for Venus-like planets in other solar systems? New research has suggested that Venus...

Gaia’s findings on travelling stars

Rather than leaving home young, as expected, stellar "siblings" prefer to stick together in long-lasting, string-like groups, finds a new study of data from...
Volcano, eruption

A volcano on Jupiter’s moon is to erupt this month

Astronomers have observed that the largest and most powerful volcano on Jupiter's Io is due to erupt in September 2019, as per it's regular...

Enhancing space to earth communications

Fairspectrum are developing Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) system for satellite communications, which will be able to share radio spectrum communications with terrestrial receivers. Fairspectrum is...
Pulsar, UoM

Mapping the most exotic neutron stars in the Universe

Researchers have successfully mapped the topography of both the magnetic poles of a pulsar using Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity. As one of the...
ERC 2018

The grand final of the European Rover Challenge

The grand final of the fifth edition of European Rover Challenge is fast approaching. In a week, almost 400 engineers from five continents will...
Weather, space

Inside NASA’s new mission proposals

NASA has chosen three mission proposals for concept studies to help us better understand the dynamic space weather system driven by the Sun that...
Mars Rover

Inside the international Mars robot competition

Representatives of the European and global world of science and business interested in applying space and robotics technologies will gather together on the 13th...

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