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Greenstat AS has a vision of a fossil-free Norway

Greenstat AS’s mission is to develop and operate projects related to sustainable energy and technology, as well as projects supporting the transition from fossil...

PEEX: Pioneers in atmospheric science

Centres of Excellence in Research (FCoE) are the flagships of Finnish science policy. FCoEs are granted by the Academy of Finland and are intended for the research teams and their consortia to carry out research at the highest level.

Collaboration in the name of excellent research

The Department of Biomedicine unites the biomedical laboratory research of the Faculty of Medicine and represents a joint venture of the University of Basel, the University Hospital Basel and the University Children's Hospital Basel.

Thin Film Materials Chemistry at FAU

Research at the Chair of Thin Film Materials Chemistry, led by Professor Julien Bachmann at the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU)

Analysing action and adaptivity for improved neurocognition

The Neurocognition and Action-Biomechanics research group at the Bielefeld University (Germany) is led by Professor Thomas Schack and investigates movements of biological organisms, humans, and technical systems in natural and artificial environments

Archaeology in Egypt and Sudan

Settlement patterns in Egypt and Nubia in the 2nd Millennium BC are the main fields of archaeology and research in the project AcrossBorders (ERC...

Investigating the mechanics of muscles

The Laboratory for Muscle Plasticity at Balgrist University Hospital investigates the molecular and cellular mechanisms of clinical muscle plasticity. Towards this end we carry out clinical trials

Solid state compounds synthesis

The research of the Wickleder group at Institut für Anorganische Chemie, Universität zu Köln has a strong focus on the synthesis of solid state compounds.

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