Physics beyond the Standard Model: CERN’s new strategy

Physics beyond the Standard Model: CERN's new strategy

CERN‘s new strategy is up for discussion after the formal launch of the European Strategy for Particle Physics today. CERN will develop a vision for the future of European particle physics beyond the Standard Model.

The European Strategy for Particle Physics is a two year process involving the whole physics community and is expected to be concluded in May 2020. CERN’s new strategy will outline the future research in particle physics.

Is there a physics beyond the Standard Model?

The President of the CERN council, Sijbrand de Jong, “The Standard Model, our theory that best describes the known forces and particles, is unbelievably successful and was crowned by the discovery of the Higgs boson in 2012. But there is much evidence that it is not complete…There must be something beyond the Higgs and beyond the Standard Model, and it is a good time to reflect on where we are and where we should go next.”

CERN’s new strategy

“The Strategy process is about reviewing the state of particle physics by bringing together the whole community to discuss what Europe’s long-term vision should be. It is about shaping the field for the next decade and beyond. We have to start discussing what we would like the landscape of particle physics research to look like in the post-LHC era,” said the Chair of the European Strategy Group, Professor Halina Abramowicz.

The future of CERN

Speaking about CERN’s new strategy and the future of the High-Luminosity LHC, the CERN Director-General Fabiola Gianotti said: “With the High-Luminosity LHC now being under way, CERN will be able to exploit the Large Hadron Collider to its full potential until the end of the 2030s, profoundly improving our understanding of fundamental physics and keeping Europe at the forefront of physics and technology. This was the most important recommendation of the previous Strategy update in 2013. We now have to pave the way for the future. A diverse scientific programme will be crucial in order to answer the outstanding questions.”

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  1. The standaerd model is the best theory applied to description of elementary particle processes. This is so since there are no another appropriate theory. This does not mean that SM is good theory. In particular SM is based on geometry exceessively and neglects dynamics of processes on the most fundamental level. Furtheremore it applies equivalenca laws of various types what is not admissible
    methodologically. Theoretical physics beyond SM exists and differs considerably in seeing reality. Let us mention vacuum medium mechanics.

    The vacuum medium mechanics sees proton as composed of three positrons. Neutrina can create unstable bounded states with charged particles what changes point of view on weak interactions. Now such interactions have electromagnetic character induced by rotation of neutrino within static electric field of charged particle. All this leads to entirely new classification of elementary
    particles. There are no quarks. Boson Z is not carrier of electroweak interactions in direct interactions between electron and neutrino. Big Bang model is considered as explosion of space on the inside of giant black hole and leads to processes which are in accordance with astrophysical observations. Gravitational field can be interpreted as phenomenon on the most fundamental level
    having clear influence on motion of particles. Dark energy is interpreted directly as energy of gravitational field generated by external black hole wall created after the Big Bang. Then accelerated expansion of universe is interpreted as attraction of visible matter by mass of external black hole wall and no inflation is considered. Unification of all elementary particle interactions is obtained directly.

    We have also to do with entirely new quality within vacuum medium description. Annihilation of electron and positron produces electromagnetic radiation and additionally also explosion of space. This property is not manifested in current fundamental theories since particles are considered there predominantly as point-like. Another new quality is related to concept of chain state of particles with the same charge which has high status. This leads to electronic interactions which are not described by quantum theories. Consequences are serious. We are able to suggest mechanism of biological evolution considered on the most fundamental physical level.

    Summarizing, better methodology applied to construction of vacuum medium mechanics allows to see entirely new reality within exerimental results of contemporary physics. This is physics beyond the standard model.


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