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Aiming for clearer clinical outcomes at Medtronic BRC

The Medtronic Bakken Research Center (BRC) was founded in Maastricht, the Netherlands, in 1987, starting as a research facility with 45 employees.

Clinical study activities have grown substantially at Medtronic and now range from small exploratory studies with one physician-investigator and just a few patients to multinational, randomised trials intended to demonstrate superior clinical and economic outcomes with new device therapies and the number of patients now in the hundreds, and sometimes thousands.

The Medtronic BRC hosts the Benelux Therapy and Procedure Training Center, where advanced simulator training is offered to physicians, nurses and technicians.

Clinical studies

Most of the BRC’s 300 employees are designing and managing clinical studies, generating data for regulatory and reimbursement dossiers in Europe, Japan and the US, and generating scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals.

The Medtronic Cardiac Rhythm & Heart Failure (CRHF) Division is represented at the BRC by three departments: Clinical Research, Clinical Operations, and Research & Technology. The cardiovascular activities at the BRC are structured in three departments: Coronary Vascular, Endovascular and Structural Heart Disease. CRHF Clinical Operations offers biostatistical and monitoring support to clinical groups outside the BRC.

Innovation at Medtronic BRC

Around 55 scientists, engineers and technicians are working closely with medical innovators in European hospitals and universities to develop, build and study new devices or methods to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life. In addition, the Medtronic BRC Research & Technology Department designs and builds custom-made devices for CRHF as well as for the neuro and diabetes divisions, addressing the needs of individual patients according to the specifications provided by a physician.


Although the number changes on a monthly basis, an average of around 50 linguistic specialists manage the translation of Medtronic BRC’s product manuals and the texts on the displays of our products into some 25 languages. Around 25 quality and regulatory affairs professionals ensure that our products and services exceed all applicable requirements inside and outside the EU, while the management team makes sure that all BRC employees recognise quality and service for patients and customers as their number one priority.

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Medtronic’s mission expertise includes:

  • To contribute to the wellbeing of people through the application of biomedical technologies in research, development, manufacture and sale of instruments or devices that help relieve pain, restore health and extend lives;
  • Focus our growth on those areas within biomedical technology where our strength and expertise lie; to bring together people and facilities that contribute to the expansion of these areas; the further expansion of these specialisation areas through training and knowledge broadening; the avoidance of areas to which we can not make a unique and valuable contribution (See Patients for more information about our therapies);
  • Unconditional striving for the highest possible reliability and quality of our products; to be the unrivalled example and recogniszed by others as a company that stands for dedication, honesty, integrity and good service (See Quality for more information about our leading role in this area).
  • Make a reasonable profit from the current business activities so that we can meet our commitments, continue our growth and achieve our objectives (See Investors for more information);
  • Recognising the individual value and commitment of our employees by creating a working environment that allows for personal satisfaction with the completed job, assurance, promotion opportunities and the means to share in the success of the company (See Career Opportunities for more information).
  • Being socially responsible as a company (See Medtronic in society for more information).

Medtronic’s research interests include:

  • Cardiology;
  • Diabetes;
  • Integrated health solutions;
  • Neuromodulation;
  • Spinal and biologics; and
  • Surgical technologies.

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