From AI to Disinformation: The Commission Work Programme investments


The 2019 European Commission Work Programme has been announced, setting out its priorities for the year ahead and outlining new initiatives on topics such as Artificial Intelligence and disinformation.

The Commission Work Programme set out three main priorities for the year ahead: reaching swift agreement on the legislative proposals already presented to deliver on its ten political priorities; adopting a limited number of new initiatives to address outstanding challenges; and presenting several initiatives with a future perspective for a Union at 27 reinforcing the foundations for a strong, united and sovereign Europe.

The First Vice-President of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans, commented: “This Commission has consistently focussed on the challenges which can only be addressed through collective European action. This Work Programme contains no surprises: we have made all the proposals needed but now they must be agreed and their benefits implemented in practice. We will also look to the future with initiatives to ensure that tomorrow’s Union of 27 has an optimistic vision for a fair and sustainable future for all Europeans.”

The new initiatives of the Commission Work Programme

The Commission Work Programme 2019 focuses on fifteen new initiatives which they believe will offer Europeans a strong perspective for the future.

The new initiatives in the Commission Work Programme include:

  • The development of Artificial Intelligence in Europe;
  • An action plan on Disinformation;
  • A European Electronic Health Record; and
  • A strategy on endocrine disruptors.

The Commission Work Programme also lists 45 pending priority under the Joint Declaration on legislative priorities, for adoption by the Parliament and Council before the European elections. The Commission also suggests to withdraw or repeal 17 pending proposals or existing laws.

A view to the European elections

President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker said: “Seven months from today, Europe will have its most important rendezvous with voters for a generation, at the European elections. I call on the European Parliament and the Council to adopt the proposals presented by the Commission in the past four years. Citizens do not care about proposals, they care about laws in force that give them rights. There would be no better message to voters taking to the polls next year than if we were to demonstrate that this Union delivers concrete, tangible results for them.”

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