Delving into the Graphene Industry Showcase

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This week, Manchester hosted a two-day event to showcase the best and brightest in the field of graphene, with over 100 delegates attendees.

The event featured talks on the nanomaterial from BAC, inov-8 and Lifesaver. Attendees were able to view and interact with the practical applications of graphene and 2D materials.

Another feature of the showcase was an exhibition of some of the newest products and prototypes using the single atom thick material, such as water filtration devices, hydrogels used for crop production, suitcases and door mats. An additional highlight of the Graphene@Manchester event is the BAC Mono R, the first production car to use graphene-enhanced carbon fibre in each body panel.

The event hosts allowed delegate to have the opportunity to participate in practical hands on workshops in the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (GEIC) focusing on energy, printed electronics, health and safety, and standards and characterisation.

James Baker, CEO Graphene@Manchester said: “We are now seeing rapid developments and an increasing change of pace over the last year, dramatically changing the graphene landscape.

“More products are entering the market using graphene and we’re starting to see real-world benefits living up to the early excitement of just a few years ago.

“With the National Graphene Institute and GEIC, our infrastructure is designed to work in collaboration with industry partners to create, test and optimise new concepts for delivery to market.”

On the Tuesday, event attendees were offered a chance to hear from Nobel laureate Professor Sir Andre Geim, on his creative approach to scientific research. He discussed his range of works from levitating frogs to the phenomena of what happens to discarded graphite after graphene has been made.

The GEIC focuses on industry-led application development in collaboration of academics. The GEIC is intended to close the critical gap of the graphene and 2D materials ecosystem by providing facilities which focus on pilot production.

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