Detection and imaging technologies in Europe will receive 17m funding from CERN’s ATTRACT Project

Detection and imaging technologies in Europe will receive 17m funding from CERN's ATTRACT Project

The ATTRACT project has offered funding for 170 European projects to develop innovative detection and imaging technologies by investing €17m.

What are the benefits of funding detection and imaging technologies?

Detection and imaging technologies are used in many scientific advances, commercial products, and technical innovations. The innovative projects which will develop because of the ATTRACT funding could have a positive impact on various technologies used in both the business and medical sectors.

Developments following this could include:

  • Sensors which could help navigation for visually impaired people
  • Innovative ways of monitoring climate change
  • Portable scanners for out-patient treatment
  • Networks of agriculture sensors to increase productivity and reduce energy usage
  • Aiding data analysis to increase efficiency in factories
  • Improving online learning systems

The European Southern Observatory (ESO), which is a partner in the ATTRACT project and creates advanced astronomical telescopes, writes:

‘European research already excels in these areas. The availability of ATTRACT funding will accelerate the development of breakthrough solutions, as well as improving Europe’s return on its scientific investment by capturing the interest of private investors — business angels, venture capital firms and corporate investors. ATTRACT will also create multiple ways in which private investment can get involved in supporting the resultant businesses, thus creating economic growth for years to come.’

Who can apply for funding?

The conditions for submitting research proposals are:

  • Proposals can be submitted until 31 October 2018
  • The proposals will be evaluated by an independent committee for research, development, and innovation
  • The successful proposals will be selected for funding based on their expected societal impact, innovation, and scientific achievement, and will be announced early next year
  • The ATTRACT fund is a seed fund open for researchers and entrepreneurs across Europe. The project is led by CERN and funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.
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