EIT Health is funding innovative digital health devices

EIT Health is funding innovative digital health devices

EIT Health has awarded funding to four European start-ups for them to develop innovative digital health devices.

EIT Health, which is part of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), has awarded the start-up funding to companies called Epihunter, Vitroscan, Plasmacure, and STENTiT, who are developing digital health devices to address current healthcare problems.


Epihunter is a digital health device designed to solve one of the problems which children with epilepsy may face. Epileptic absence seizures are brief disturbances in brain function and are more common in children. When children have epileptic absence seizures, it is more difficult to identify them as absence seizures in the classroom or at home, meaning that they can be misunderstood as a lapse in concentration or unwillingness to pay attention. The app works using a slim headset which monitors brain activity and then turns on a smartphone light when a seizure occurs to alert parents or teachers.

The app also allows for EEG data collection throughout the day which means that it creates a reliable set of data on the frequency of seizures. This data could benefit studies on the efficacy on epileptic drugs or devices by monitoring how a new drug or device affects the patient’s seizures.


VitroScan have created the Drug Response Platform which allows drug developers to test drugs in cancer patients while comparing the response to that of standard care drugs using their database of cancer patients to analyse whether the drugs are targeting the relevant cancer pathways. The aim is to improve the outcome of subsequent clinical trials by using the Drug Response Platform to assess the ability of the drug to reach its target first.


Plasmacure is a patented treatment method which uses a special electronic pad. The electronic pad creates a cold plasma above a chronic wound to kill bacteria and promote healing by encouraging the proliferation of cells and improving blood flow. This is used for one minute each day until the wound is healed. Plasmacure have said that this will reduce the risk of amputation to patients with chronic foot wounds.


STENTiT have created the only device on the market which offers vascular regeneration for patients without any invasive surgical procedures. The device treats diseased arteries and circulates the patient’s blood cells to encourage natural vascular regeneration.

EIT Health awards HeadStart funding twice a year. They currently have an open second call for applications, which is due to close in October 2018.

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