Future digital champions: The DIGITALEUROPE Unicorn Award 2019

An image of a unicorn to illustrate the DIGITALEUROPE Unicorn Award.

Today SciTech Europa saw the announcement of the three winners of DIGITALEUROPE‘s Unicorn Award 2019 at the Masters of Digital conference.

Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl, Director-General of DIGITALEUROPE, said:“We have three winners – the future European digital champions!” at the Masters of Digital 2019 flagship conference held today in Brussels.

Three future unicorns from Europe, MaaS Global from Finland, Teslasuit from the United Kingdom and Umbraco from Denmark, received DIGITALEUROPE’s “Future Unicorn Award” handed out by Mariya Gabriel, EU Commissioner for the Digital Economy & Society, during the ceremony that took place this morning.

The importance of the Unicorn Award for the Digital Single Market

Bonefeld-Dahl commented: “We need to complete the Digital Single Market if we are to keep up with global competition. Europe will flourish in the global digitalised economy, be able maintain European welfare and drive digitalisation based on European values only if it remains united and capitalises on the size of its common market.”

The future Unicorns from Europe

MaaS Global’s award-winning Whim app provides users with all city transport services in one app. Sampo Hietanen, CEO & Founder of MaaS Global, said: “We are very excited and privileged to be among the winners of the Future Unicorn Award. This award is a testimony that digital mobility and sustainability is now of utmost importance for Europe’s future and that our Whim app can lead the way for forward looking cities and citizens.”

TeslaSuit produces the world’s first fully integrated smart clothing apparel. The Virtual Reality interface includes haptic feedback, motion capture, climate control and biometric feedback systems. Sergei Nossoff, CEO of Teslasuit, added: “We are proud to be nominated by TechUK to represent the United Kingdom. The DIGITALEUROPE Future Unicorn Award is a great honor as well as evidence that Teslasuit is developing the technologies that are shaping the future.”

Umbraco, one of Europe’s fastest developing Content Management Systems (CMS), has over 500,000 organisations already using the CMS. Niels Hartvig, Founder & CEO of Umbraco, commented: “Many companies choose in early stage to move to the US in the search for capital, but for us it has not been relevant at any time. Our model clearly shows that you do not always have to copy the Silicon Valley model to become a global, technological market leader – but instead use Europe’ strong open source traditions for collaboration and healthy growth.”

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