€6.4M for climate and health projects

funding to science innovation
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€6,471,578 will be awarded to science projects examining global climate and health challenges. The projects are developing clean AI technologies, the impact of ocean currents and collaborative works with the US.

The funding will be awarded to scientists spanning across nine countries. The research will be assessing a range of global concerns.

There are 13 projects sharing the funding, one of which is exploring how artificial intelligence and digital technologies can benefit the economy. For said research, the Japanese group have been awarded £5.2M.

A Canadian team, who have been awarded the funding, are aiming to further their understanding of climate adaptation in local communities.

Business Secretary, Andrea Leadsom, hopes the funding will promote the UK as a destination to seek funding for research and innovation.

Leadsom said:”Programmes like the Fund for International Collaboration have put us at the forefront of a global network of academic and business partnerships tackling some of humanity’s greatest challenges, from the impact of climate change to critical health issues.”

Jo Johnson, the UK’s Science and Innovation Minister believes that the government’s hopes to secure a Brexit deal with the EU, but the scientific community need to prepare otherwise due to the possible fall of EU science and innovation funding through Horizon 2020.

Horizon 2020 is a scheme implemented by the EU designed to encourage the development of new scientific innovations. The funding is greatly relied upon by many British scientists who would otherwise struggle to gain any research funding. The removal of said funding could prove detrimental to any research undertake by scientist in the United Kingdom.

Johnson said: “The UK’s science and research system is one of the very best in the world…But great ideas know no borders, and science is a global endeavour. That’s why we are also creating a fast-track visa route to attract the best and brightest researchers to the UK.”

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