€92m to fund commercially viable graphene products

Graphene funding
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The Graphene Flagship has teamed with leading European industries to co-fund a total of €92m in order to commercialise graphene enabled products.

The Graphene Flagship has announced the launch of eleven new “Spearhead Projects”, each developed to take graphene-enabled prototypes to commercial applications.

The success of the first Spearhead Projects, launched in 2018 — which included the world’s first graphene-enabled solar farm — inspired the Graphene Flagship to keep investing in these initiatives, aiming to take graphene-enabled products from the lab to end-users.

Now, the Graphene Flagship has committed €45m to invest in eleven commercialisation projects led by key industrial partners in Europe such as Airbus, Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles, Lufthansa Technik, Siemens, and ABB. Notably, the project partners will also co-fund the projects with a further combined contribution of €47m, showing their interest in the development of graphene-enabled products.

The newly launched projects combine the results of the Graphene Flagship’s innovative scientific research with the ambitions of commercial partners for marketable applications. This initiative will bring the number of companies involved in the Graphene Flagship to 78, which makes up nearly half of the whole consortium.

The newly launched projects have been designed to increase the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of graphene-based technologies — a metric used to determine the maturity of a technology and its estimated time to market.

One of the new projects, GRAPES, will focus on improving the stability of graphene-based perovskite solar panels. Working alongside industrial partners such as Siemens, Greatcell Solar, and the Graphene Flagship spin-off BeDimensional, the project will boost the performance and stability of graphene-based perovskite cells to record levels, a crucial factor for improving Europe’s uptake of solar energy generation.

Similarly, GRAPHIL will develop an innovative water filtration system, with implications for the environment, health and societal wealth of Europe’s citizens. The project, led by Medica SpA, will use graphene-based filters to remove contaminants, pesticides and dangerous pathogens from the billions of cubic metres of water consumed by European citizens each year.


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  1. Amazing how Europeans are burning money in the hopeless use of graphene! If something is made with graphene, be assure that something else can do the same thing or better with half the cost!

  2. This is really interesting, and I applaud the forward thinking of The Graphene Flagship.

    There is a company called Versarien in the UK developing the use of Graphene Inks, can you tell me if they are linked in any way to The Grapgene Flagship ?

    Kind Regards, Raymond.

    • Hello Raymond, according to The Graphene Flagship’s website, Versarien have been a partner of theirs since 2018. You can find more information on their partnership here.
      Warm regards,
      the editorial team.


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