Econic Technologies appoints new Head of Process Development

Econic Technologies appoints new Head of Process Development

The UK-based cleantech pioneer, Econic Technologies, has announced the appointment of David Walker as the Head of Process Development.

As the new Head of Process Development, David Walker will take on responsibility for Econic’s process development programmes and Customer Demonstration Facility, the latter being the first carbon capture polymerisation plant in the UK. As the team transitions the technology to customers, Walker will be working on Econic Technologies development projects across both catalyst manufacture and polymerisation.

With experience in the process, automotive, aerospace, electronics and glass industries, Walker will prove valuable as Econic Technologies continues its year of growth that also saw it close a £7m (~€7.9m) funding round and open its Customer Demonstration Facility.

Dr Rowena Sellens, CEO of Econic Technologies, said: “It has already been a strong year for Econic Technologies and David’s appointment is a great addition to the team.”.

What is Carbon Capture and why is it significant?

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is a technology that can capture up to 90% of the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions produced from the use of fossil fuels in electricity generation and industrial processes, preventing the carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere.

Developing carbon capture in the UK

As we have previously reported, Econic Technologies has opened a Horizon 2020 and investor-backed customer carbon capture utilisation demonstration plant in the North of England to show customers how its catalysts enable the production of polyols for greener plastics.

The demonstration plant has received substantial European support through a Horizon 2020 SME award.

Econic Technologies’ catalysts enable manufacturers to reuse waste CO2, by allowing it to be incorporated as a feedstock, this offers a sustainable benefit by reducing the reliance on fossil fuels and an economical benefit by enhancing margins.

Rowena Sellens, CEO of Econic Technologies, commented: “The demonstration plant is essential to helping our pioneering catalyst technologies develop as they move out of the lab and into the factory.”

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