Digital innovation in Portugal: the new EIT Digital Braga Satellite has opened

An image to illustrate the EIT Digital Braga Satellite opening which will strengthen innovation in Portugal

SciTech Europa attended the opening of the new EIT Digital Braga Satellite this week. The satellite will strengthen digital innovation partnerships in Portugal.

The EIT Digital Braga Satellite aims to the enhance Portugal’s role in European innovation, increase research and development investment, develop the country’s digital skills, increase academic and industry partnerships, and promote Portugal’s strengths to talented people and investors.

EIT Digital that the EIT Digital Braga Satellite will serve Portugal by focusing on three areas:

  • “The engagement of industrial and knowledge partners from the Portuguese ecosystem in EIT Digital’s Focus Areas”
  • “Proactive scouting and coordination of impactful opportunities for collaborative innovation commercialisation by companies and universities across Portugal”
  • “Design, organisation and delivery of networking activities between the business and academic communities in Portugal and the EU-wide EIT Digital ecosystem in order to achieve mutual cooperation, program alignment and commercial success.”

“The new Braga Satellite will allow EIT Digital to deepen connections with the Portuguese innovation ecosystem and intensify our relationship with the Portuguese Private and Public Sectors,” added EIT Digital CEO Willem Jonker.

Portugese participation in EU digital innovation programs

At the opening ceremony, Portugal’s Minister for Science, Technology, and Higher Education, Manuel Heitor, said: “The establishment of EIT Digital in Portugal represents a significant step towards our ultimate goal of doubling the Portuguese participation in EU related programs in the upcoming framework program for 20212027, as compared with the current 2014-2020 program.”

“This has been established in the context of ‘Portugal in Europe Research and Innovation Network – PERIN’ and under our Portugal INCoDe.2030 Initiative, which was framed in a European context and aims to improve Portugal’s position and competitiveness, working towards securing a prominent place in terms of digital competences in the coming decade…we should guarantee the qualification and specialisation of the labour force to foster better jobs throughout all sectors of the economy.”

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