EIT InnoEnergy calls for innovative energy solutions for mobility and the circular economy

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Europe’s engine for sustainable energy, EIT InnoEnergy, has announced how they will address the energy challenges of mobility and the shift to a circular economy.

InnoEnergy has launched two new thematic fields. These are Energy for circular economy and Energy for transport and mobility, which aim to bring together entrepreneurs, innovators, industry and universities to develop the next big innovations. The key themes of the innovations will include:

  • Smart cities;
  • Smart grids;
  • Storage;
  • Energy efficiency; and
  • Renewable technologies.

InnoEnergy is encouraging innovators with proven technology concepts which will transform European energy in the future to apply for an initiative to reduce time to market for innovative energy solutions, an initiative to reduce time to market for innovative energy solutions, its Investment Round.

The lifecycle of energy

According to EIT InnoEnergy, transport accounts for around twenty five percent of Europe’s total carbon emissions. This makes the decarbonisation of transport for people and goods a critical aim. EIT InnoEnergy note that significant progress can be made by adopting a holistic approach to the full lifecycle of energy, for example, examining interlinks between:

  • The resources used;
  • Transportation;
  • Conversion;
  • Storage;
  • Distribution; and
  • How sites are decommissioned.


Using a European network of industry experts, businesses and researchers InnoEnergy are able to:

• Give access to over 430+ European project partners to support the development of new products;
• Provide investment funding to help make your project a reality;
• Identify market needs and potential customers;
• Shorten the time to market for innovative ideas; and
• Turn prototypes into commercial products within five years.

Supporting start-ups to address energy challenges

Diego Pavia, CEO of InnoEnergy, said: “Our Investment Round initiative supports start-ups that can address some of the most pressing challenges facing our energy system today such as mobility and sustainable lifecycles. Since launching the Round in 2011, InnoEnergy has invested €222 million in 120 projects – resulting in €4 billion of forecasted sales.”

Pavia added: “Building on successes such as NorthVolt, EOLOS and Bio-Eco-Matic, we’re now looking to hear from the next wave of innovative energy start-ups who we can support to market with a mix of funding, and technical and commercial resources.”

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