The EU-Canada partnership on science and technology

The EU-Canada partnership on science and technology

The EU-Canada partnership on science and technology, called the Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation Committee (JSTCC), are co-operating on joint research and innovation efforts.

The most recent meeting of the EU-Canada partnership on 20 March 2018 was the 14th meeting of the JSTCC and provided an opportunity for the EU and Canada to discuss their most significant scientific and technological research and opportunities for innovation.

Recent developments in the EU-Canada partnership

The EU-Canada partnership developed with the Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) and the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).

These agreements are designed to benefit both economic and political relations between Canada and the EU. They will enhance the partnership between the two countries by allowing them to discuss scientific and technological research and the potential for collaboration between Canada and the EU.

Horizon 2020 and the EU-Canada partnership

Over the next three years in Europe, the Horizon 2020 Programme will invest over €30 billion in research and innovation. €1 billion of this funding will be dedicated to developing international co-operation. There have been recent calls encouraging Canadian researchers to participate in flagship projects to further the success of the EU-Canada partnership.

Similarly, $6bn (~€3,97bn) of the 2018 budget in Canada will be invested in science, research, and innovation over the next five years. This investment will allow more opportunities for research and innovation collaboration between the EU and Canada.

The European Commission said: “Both sides are committed to reinforcing the links between industry and research and fostering the innovation process to stimulate job creation, economic growth and social welfare. The chairs acknowledged that Horizon 2020 is an important vehicle for EU-Canada co-operation and underlined the strengthened opportunities for co-operation with Canadian partners in the 2018-2020 work programme.”

The key areas for the EU-Canada partnership

The EU and Canada agreed at the recent meeting that their key areas for co-operation are:

  • Marine
  • Health
  • Aeronautics; and
  • The sustainable management of the fragile Arctic environment, and how to balance this with economic interests

These are the key research areas that will be funded by Horizon 2020 over the next three years.

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