Three EU Commission Flagship projects will meet at ICT Vienna

Three EU Commission Flagship projects will meet at ICT Vienna
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Representatives from three ambitious EU Commission Flagship projects, Graphene Flagship, Human Brain Project and Quantum Flagship, will meet at the ICT 2018 Conference (Vienna, 4-6 December).

The three EU Commission Flagship projects said: “With a life-span of 10 years and a budget of EUR 1 billion each, FET Flagships are the most ambitious research projects funded by the European Commission. These collaborative endeavours gather scientists from academic institutions, research centres, SMEs and industry to consolidate the leadership of the EU in disruptive and innovative fields, like graphene and related 2D materials, computational neuroscience and next generation artificial intelligence, and quantum technologies.”

The Flagship projects

The Graphene Flagship launched in 2013 and aims to commercialise graphene from academic laboratories to the market and enhance products for faster optic and electronic devices, longer lasting batteries for phones and cars, and more environmentally friendly construction materials.

The Human Brain Project which also launched in 2013, is accelerating further understanding of the human brain and its diseases, as well as brain-inspired innovations in computing. Neuroscientists, medical specialists, computer and robotics experts work together in the project to build and utilise ICT-based infrastructure for brain research.

The Quantum Flagship is the newest of the three EU Commission Flagship projects and was launched in October 2018. It comprises 20 projects in its current phase. It will address core applications of quantum technologies such as:

  • Communications;
  •  Sensing;
  • Metrology;
  • Computing; and
  • Simulation.

The results of the EU Commission Flagship projects

The Graphene Flagship, the Human Brain Project and the Quantum Flagship, the three biggest research initiatives funded the European Commission, will showcase their latest results at the exhibition of the ICT Conference in Vienna, 4-6 December 2018.

The Flagship projects added: “All these advances will help to create the next generation of disruptive technologies, searching to place Europe as a worldwide knowledge-based industrial and technological leader in this innovative field.”

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