EU-LIFE urges the EU to push for a strong Horizon Europe

EU-LIFE urges the EU to push for a strong Horizon Europe
EU-LIFE announced its reaction to the European Commission’s proposal for Horizon Europe.

EU-LIFE, the alliance of 13 leading life science research institutes in Europe, announced its reaction to the European Commission’s proposal for Horizon Europe.

The alliance has welcomed and supported the overall concept of the commissions proposal for Horizon Europe, specifically its structure and aim for simplification and integration, however, EU-LIFE has concerns about the ‘unambitious investment’ proposed.

Studies on previous frameworks show that every euro spent on research and innovation will generate nearly five-fold the investment in economic benefit, as well as improving social, health and environmental standards.

Therefore, the alliance argues that we must prioritise research and innovation in Europe.

Marta Agostinho, Co-ordinator of EU-LIFE, said: “We believe that the negotiations starting now will raise the potential of Horizon Europe in addressing important challenges faced by European citizens and the world.”

What are the key points of the statement?

The key aspects of the statement are as follows:

  • EU-LIFE urges the European Parliament and the EU Council to push for a stronger Horizon Europe by raising its budget as recommended by several reports;
  • The alliance encourages Horizon Europe to expand the extremely successful programmes it has initiated, namely the ERC grant system and Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, in addition to collaborative projects that address technological and environmental challenges facing our society today. These actions encourage ground-breaking research that will ensure Europe’s leadership in technological and biomedical innovation in the future;
  • EU-LIFE supports the statement released by 14 university organisations on calling for: an increased total budget for Horizon Europe, a review of budget allocation, centring the programme’s pillars on the realisation of the European Research Area (ERA), and better integration among research, innovation and education; and
  • Support for the announced ‘mission’ actions and a recommendation that researchers and innovators are involved in identifying and managing missions.

The full statement is available here.

Agostinho said: “We urge the European Parliament and the European Council to go a step further and raise the priority of research and innovation in [the] EU MFF, namely by providing Horizon Europe with a €150 billion budget.”

Genevieve Almouzni, Chair of EU-LIFE and Scientific Director of Institut Curie, France, concluded: “Research and innovation is a strong pillar under the EU ideal. Few other fields illustrate so clearly the added value of the European Union. The European Research Council, for example, has become one of the most acclaimed success stories of Europe. We must secure this legacy and invest more in its proven contribution to a better world.”

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