Driving battery production in the European Union

The European Battery Alliance
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The 2nd meeting between the commission and member states will take place to discuss the European Battery Alliance.

On Monday 12 February, the European Commission will host the second high-level meeting on the European Battery Alliance. Political representatives of interested member states and the European Investment Bank will participate.

The meeting builds on the announcements made during the first meeting in October 2017, when representatives of EU industry and member states agreed to work together to create a full value chain of batteries in Europe.

The meeting aims to flesh out member states’ political commitment to the establishment of large-scale battery cells production capabilities in Europe, to discuss present activities, including emerging industry-led cross-border projects, and to pool and blend support instruments at the national as well as European level.

Vice-President for Energy Union Maroš Šefčovič who will host the meeting said: “The estimated potential of this market in Europe is enormous – as of 2025, could reach €250bn annually, as our battery cell demand is expected to amount to 200 GWh, and 600 GWh globally. The scale and speed required means that no single actor can do it on its own. The European Battery Alliance is providing an umbrella for these prospective partnerships throughout the value chain.”

Batteries represent a key enabler in the context of the Energy Union. Their development and production play a strategic role in the ongoing modernisation of European industry and economy.

What is the European Battery Alliance?

The European Commission sees batteries as being “at the heart of the ongoing industrial revolution,” saying “their development and production play a strategic role in the ongoing transition to clean mobility and clean energy systems”.

The European Battery Alliance works to improve clean energy:

  • The initiative aims to improve battery production in Europe and to compete with Asian and US manufacturers; and
  • Called an ‘Airbus for batteries’, the alliance was launched with the assistance of the EU along with automakers Daimler, engineering company Siemens and chemical group BASF.
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