Future healthcare systems: a mobile decision facilitator for oncology

Mobile decision facilitator for oncology

Christophe Vergne explains how the dashboard developed by MYPL brings added value to the efficiency of oncology medical teams and, moreover, will present a new disruptive and positive approach for future healthcare systems.

MYPL develops an innovative mobile solution that helps medical professionals make an improved diagnostic on patients with all types of cancer, develop better personalised treatment choices and future healthcare systems, and creates the conditions for a better relationship between patients and staff.

Via its proprietary algorithms, MYPL will adapt patient information to each medical specialty and integrate the patient’s clinical status in real time. By sharing medical decisions, MYPL will enhance care equality between individuals.

MYPL will benefit each level of the medical organisation, from patient (with the general practitioner in mind), to a national healthcare organisation, passing through local hospital structures and/or regional medical administration, to generate ad-hoc key healthcare performance indicators (KHPI).

Its unique architecture relies on a very innovative approach to healthcare data, relying on three technological pillars:

  • Interoperability
  • Blockchain protocols, and
  • AI


Our solution, which will obtain CE marking in the future (as a medical device), brings a unique approach to data structuring, translating all information into a vivid groundbreaking UX (User Experience) oriented dashboard. Every specialist making a direct contribution to the diagnostic and treatment decision (oncologists, radiologists, surgeons, radiotherapists, pathologists, molecular biologists, and so on) are able to access structured information that is relevant to his/her own practice.

MYPL presents to the practitioner administrative details, biological and genomic information, 3D anatomical representations of the human body, clinical trials, complete schedules for medical teams and the patient, behavioural intelligence, and more. It is enriched with extra information ranging from wellness (through IoT devices, such as watches, smartphones etc.) to behavioural, administrative information, all of which bear a special weight in our app.

Through its interoperability solution, MYPL helps: n Reconstruct medical records for all involved patients, thanks to our exclusive interoperability solution which manages:

  • Multiple sources (different sites, different server architectures)
  • Heterogeneous information (from imagery to numbers, abacuses etc.)
  • All data transfer protocols on the market
  • Present data in a very dynamic and structured way, for a one of a kind experience; because we have designed our interface with the help of practitioners themselves, it is fully functional and operational for them. This is where our UX provides a radical new approach to data
  • Build trust between patients and personnel involved in their treatment (both medical personnel and paramedics), for a better co-ordination in and outside hospitals and clinic
  • Design a true ambulatory solution for patients to help them interact with staff whenever they are away from hospital facilities, and during much longer follow-up period (eventually years)
  • Fight against medical deserts, by sharing expertise from best cancer centers and smaller private/public centers
  • Blockchain

At MYPL, we care about preserving the integrity of all validated data and are dedicated to providing an ultra-secure solution. Our pledge is that no one unauthorised to access data can breach our solution. The use of ledgers is part of our solution.

Each identified patient gives his/her consent to their medical team to access medical records. Thanks to its biometric access, it is impossible for a relative, for instance, or any undesired person to gain authorisation to even part of a patient’s information. At any time, a patient can even revoke the admission of any third party to part or all of his/her medical data.

We secure data access by allowing only those who are defined as trustworthy by the patient him/herself. We trace all queries and consultations of data, whenever they may occur, allowing for a retrospective analysis of best practices and KPIs (key performance indicators) that are proprietary to MYPL. Hence, we also bring a qualitative environment to all decision making and MTM meetings, redefining a more efficient workflow for all medical teams.

Our promise is strong, and as a result we have developed a unique IT architecture that uses two blockchain protocols. Technology is a means rather than an end in itself, and so, at any time, we may use another protocol for the sake of not being dependent of the technologies we utilise.

Above all, our proprietary architecture is, by design, 100% GDPR compatible.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Because MYPL’s architecture is designed to manage both qualitative and validated healthcare data, which is anonymised, it allows the development of our proprietary AI. MYPL is not designed to provide its own diagnostic; rather, it will generate structured sum-up information, recollected from patient profiling, to provide orientation and/or bring light from similar cases reviewed by other teams and/or from other sites.

Our AI assists medical teams in their decision process, whenever necessary, with validated structured data. As of today, it is the only solution on the market that allows clinical knowledge to be saved and shared between all actors, improving the overall expertise and reducing the time required to make an enlightened decision.

Every territory or medical structure is not equal, because the number of screened patients and their specific cancer differs. As a result, over time some centres become experts in sarcoma, or prostate and lung cancers, whereas others gain credits for intestinal, breast and marrow cancers, for instance. Our solution mediates expertise towards those who may need it most, always putting forward the ‘best answers’ from a clinical point of view, after one, two or five years.

Future healthcare systems: the promise of better care for patients treated for cancer

MYPL brings visibility to patients by allowing them to manage their own treatment along with medical staff (such as schedules, appointments, critical phases, short-term or long-term follow-up, and so on), and to understand the clinical trial they are following. By doing so, they become part of the solution, rather than a passive recipient of what is happening to them.

The information MYPL helps generate will bring added value to all medical teams in terms of workflow efficiency. It will also be a new disruptive approach for our future healthcare systems, helping to evolve towards the creation of a powerful network based on value rather than volume. MYPL is currently developing solutions in France for three hospital sites and is already considering international developments for 2019.

Christophe Vergne
CEO & Associate
Jean-Alexandre Kaminisky
COO & Associate
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