Masters of Digital 2019: How can Europe lead the global digital economy?

An image from the Masters of Digital conference, where the global digital economy was discussed

Today, DIGITALEUROPE launched its Call to Action for A STRONGER DIGITAL EUROPE towards 2025 at the Masters of Digital 2019 flagship conference.

Leadership in the global digital economy

DIGITALEUROPE’s Call to Action outlines 7 focus areas where Europe can take leadership in the D-I-G-I-T-A-L age:

  • Digital Single Market – To generate growth and remain competitive in the global digital era, Europe must consolidate its Single Market and address fragmentation.
  • Inclusion – Fear of technological development should be transformed into opportunities by equipping Europeans with the right set of digital skills.
  • Green growth – Europe must leverage digital technologies to build a sustainable, low-carbon, and resource-efficient economy and society.
  • Innovation – Europe must invest in the take-up of digital technologies such as AI and 5G, supporting the creation of cross sectorial innovative ecosystems in sectors where Europe has a competitive advantage.
  • Trust – Government and industry must cooperate globally to strengthen cybersecurity and protect citizens’ privacy while enabling data flows.
  • Agile & mission-based policy – Europe must define clear goals for policies and drive agile policy-making processes based on multi-stakeholder engagement and experimentation through regulatory sandboxing.
  • Leadership – European leaders must define ‘what they want’ and set a clear vision and goals for how digitalisation can improve European society based on common values.

The benefits of a united Europe for the global digital economy

Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl, the Director-General of DIGITALEUROPE said: “Europe should remain united and capitalise on the size of its common market. Only then will it flourish in the global digital economy, preserve its welfare standards and drive digitalisation based on European values.”

She added: “Europe’s leaders need to understand that there are two types of countries: countries that have realised they are small and others that have not. Europe has all it takes to lead in a global digital economy, but we need to do so based on what we excel at and the values we believe in.”

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