The new Google data centre and green energy investment in Denmark

The new Google data centre and green energy investment in Denmark
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It was announced today that Google will invest 4.5 billion Danish Krone (~ €6.3bn) on a new Google data centre powered by green energy in Fredericia, Denmark.

The Google data centre in Denmark will use green energy for power, and is expected to create hundreds of jobs in the town of Fredericia once it has been finished.

The new Google data centre

According to Google, the new Google data centre will cost 4.5 billion Krone and employ 150 to 200 staff once completed in 2021.

The data centre comes after Google signed a ten year deal in September to buy renewable energy from new wind warms under development in Finland to power one of its data centres. Google also owns another plot in Aabenraa, Denmark, which it purchased last year.

Google is not the only technology giant investing in Denmark. Facebook and Apple have both purchased land in Denmark recently and are intending to build data centres there.

Green energy in Denmark

The ability to generate electricity reasonably cheaply using renewable green energy sources such as hydropower and wind is attracting data centres to Denmark.

The Nordic Council of Ministers, the official body for formal inter-parliamentary co-operation, has predicted that annual investment in Nordic data centres could double to more than 4 billion euros by 2025.

The vice president of Google’s data centres, Joe Kava, wrote in a recent blog post: “In Europe, Google datacenters typically use one third less energy than a typical datacenter, yet we’re still striving to use even less…In Fredericia (Denmark), we’ve found a great business community and a location with existing infrastructure that fits what we’re looking for when we set out to build an efficient, modern data center…The Fredericia datacenter will be among the most energy efficient datacenters in Denmark to date, taking advantage of advanced machine learning to make sure every watt of electricity counts.”

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