Opening the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre

The Duke of York has officially opened the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre at The University of Manchester.

The Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (GEIC) is a new state-of-the-art facility which is designed to complement the National Graphene Institute’s (NGI) international research focus by concentrating on multi-faceted industry-led applications development.

The key areas within the new building include pilot productions, characterisation and material development. It is aiming to accelerate the commercial impact of graphene.

The Duke of York on Graphene engineering innovation

Speaking at the opening ceremony HRH The Duke of York said said: “It is a great pleasure to be back at The University of Manchester and to come and see the next stage in the development of graphene.

He added:”This is an excellent place for businesses who may suddenly find that graphene or a 2D material is in their interest, and just from my short visit today, the ideas seem to be limitless in how you can apply them. This is going to be a huge industrial transformation which could benefit both humankind and industry and it starts here. I wish you all every success.”

The future of the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre

Professor Luke Georghiou, the deputy president and deputy vice-chancellor of the University said: “The GEIC is a first step to realising a transformation of our wider surroundings. Manchester was known around the globe as Cottonopolis at the height of the Industrial Revolution – in this century our aim is to be Graphene City – a district where 2-D materials and complementary technologies drive jobs and growth.”

The GEIC has already created an additional 30 jobs in addition to academics, which will increase the University community to over 300 graphene-related staff at the University.

The GEIC has been sponsored by Masdar, Research England (formerly HEFCE), Innovate UK, ERDF, and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

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